Yggdrasil’s Path: coach and connect 1

In this session we’ll be doing through how you prepare for the session you are going to run for the group sharing a taster of the work you have done with your own guide. We will:

  • Go through how to prepare for your session
  • Agree the running order in which people will share their work
This is your opportunity to ask questions – no question is too small. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure on what you are going to share yet – that is the point of the session! 


Yggdrasil’s Path is a certified programme meaning you will get a certificate confirming that you have undertaken a number of journeys on the world tree for the purposes of self-healing and wisdom finding as well as leading a small group on a journey upon Yggdrasil. Here is a reminder of what you will need to do to pass your assessment: 

Your session recordings are housed in the FB group.