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Northern Europe lost its earth-centered spiritual elders 1,000 years ago. Our planet is feeling their absence. Our souls are feeling their absence. I work with clients from across the globe to help them explore, express and embrace their magic. Because our people and planet need you not just to live from your truth, but to lead from your truth.

I am Maggie Rose Cunningham founder of Magin Rose. I am working with a new generation of healers, visionaries and spiritual guides; equipping them with the tools their minds might not yet know but their souls undoubtedly recognise.

Maggie Rose Cunningham

You are welcome to draw close to the Hearthspace group fire for as long as you want and need, perhaps dipping into Runic Astrology or attending some of my events. When you are ready, there are two transformational pathways available to you through my work:

Invitation to join Amplify your Magic

💫 Awaken to the Runes 💫

 Take up the  magical tools of the northern European ancestors through this 1-year certified programme:

  1. Receive initiation and atunement to the energies of the 24 Elder Futhark runes
  2. Develop core skills as a rune healer, seer, magician and mystic
  3. Discover the spiritual language already written in your bones

Awaken is  the foundation programme for more advanced work including training in northern shamanic practice, working with your birth runes and certifying as a rune healer.


💫 Amplify your Magic 💫

Are you a magical human living in a world that doesn’t understand or recognise your gifts? Perhaps you were even taught to supress them? Told you were too sensitive? Too dreamy? Too weird? Too, well, scary? Amplify takes you through 5 paths to the magical self: Healer, Seer, Magician, Mystic and Sage over 6 months of transformational trainings, retreats and on-line circles.

  1. Discover and heal the wounds that stop you accessing your most potent gifts
  2. Enhance and balance each aspect of your magic so you can lead the spirit-led, service-driven, success-full life you desire
  3. Discover the skillset and leadership skills that draw on, rather than drain, the essence of who you are

Please note that this is a deep, dive programme offering a profound healing journey so please do book a Discover your Magic call with me (below) if you aren’t sure whether you are ready.

Are you drawn to dive deep into your magic but not sure which of my programmes is right for you? Book a Discover your Magic call with me to find that clarity. I’ll ask you about your path to-date and together we will explore your options.  I’ll give you my recommendations for how we can work together but my focus is on your clarity and calling – wherever that leads you.