Work with me

 Northern Europe lost its earth-centered spiritual elders 1,000 years ago. Our planet is feeling their absence. Our souls are feeling their absence. I work with clients to claim the magic of their wild, wise souls  and equip them with the tools to become the next generation of northern tradition healers and spiritual guides. Does that sound exciting but just a little bit daunting? Then book your Discover your ancestral magic call with me to identify the next steps of a journey you might just have been put on this planet to take.

Reignite your magic  and meet the witch within…

Travel with mythic story through the wheel of the year to:
  1. Heal personal and ancestral soul wounds
  2. Open to your inner wisdom and Wild Voice*
  3. Weave potent magic and ritual into your life
 *Maggie is a certified Wild Voice facilitator 


The Dreamwheel is an online programme blending real-time ceremonies and self-paced home play content.  

Upskill in your spiritual life and magical business… 

Take up the  magical tools of the northern European ancestors through this 1-year certified programme:

  1. Receive initiation and atunement to the energies of the 24 Elder Futhark runes
  2. Develop core skills as a rune healer, seer, magician and mystic
  3. Discover the spiritual language already written in your bones

Awaken is an on-line programme delivered through monthly real-time circles and 48 modules packed with teaching, meditations, oracular story and practical tools. Certification is available on 4 practitioner pathways.

Sometimes you can feel the path ahead but not see where it’s leading or why you’re being pulled that way. If the northern tradition is beckoning you the landscape can feel vast. Book your discovery call to review the road you have walked and find clarity on your next steps in your spiritual life and/or business. I’ll give you my recommendations for how we can work together but my focus is on your clarity and calling – wherever that leads you.