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 Northern Europe lost its earth-centered spiritual elders 1,000 years ago. Our planet is feeling their absence. Our souls are feeling their absence. I work with clients from across the globe to help them explore, express and embrace their magic. Because our people and planet need you not just to live from your truth, but to lead from your truth.

 In my rune and shamanic programmes I am working with a new generation of northern tradition healers, visionaries and spiritual guides; equipping them with the tools their minds might not yet know but their souls undoubtedly recognise.   

Upskill in your spiritual life and magical business… 

Take up the  magical tools of the northern European ancestors through this 1-year certified programme:

  1. Receive initiation and atunement to the energies of the 24 Elder Futhark runes
  2. Develop core skills as a rune healer, seer, magician and mystic
  3. Discover the spiritual language already written in your bones

Awaken is an on-line programme delivered through monthly real-time circles and 48 modules packed with teaching, meditations, oracular story and practical tools. Certification is available on 4 practitioner pathways.

Are you ready to live and lead from your personal magic? To understand how your strengths as a seer, mystic, magician, healer and sage equip you for a life that makes a difference?  

Book your discovery call to review the road you have walked and find clarity on your next steps in your life and vocation. I’ll give you my recommendations for how we can work together but my focus is on your clarity and calling – wherever that leads you.