Welcome to your Dreamwheel retreat. Whether you are joining me for a single spirit journey or taking a deep soul-dive through the coming year. Whether this is your first time working with me or your hundredth.

Please do take time to watch the three videos below before your first live retreat session. Let’s create a safe and powerful container for you and all participants. 

Safe & Sacred space


  • Take time to prepare yourself and your space
  • Be present and bring your full self with mindfulness to the principles of devoted listening and authentic expression (see video below)
  • Keep private what is not yours to share
  • Be on screen if you can, particularly during break-out shares; in the big group use the mute function to help sound quality for the speaker
  • Trust the process and yourself 
  • Take time to ground after each live session and make space for rest and integration in the following days
  • Let me know what worked for you and what didn’t

Authentic presence & devoted listening


  • It is brave and powerful to receive and be received in our wholeness
  • It is okay to feel deeply
  • It is okay to ask simply to sit in silence
  • Our sharing spaces are for compassionate witnessing, you do not need to agree, fix or take responsibility; offer anything that is sitting heavily with you to the spirit guides we will be working with

The symbel rite


  • Boast (something you are proud of
  • Toast (a gratitude)
  • Oath (an achievable intention)

Need a bit of care and support?

Technical and administrative support

Personal questions and questions about content

Deepening your experience

Would you like to join the Dreamwheel for a full year and/ or receive 1-2-1 help and support from Maggie on your journey? Then book a free connection call and let’s chat.

~ Ancient wisdom for an inspired future. ~