Welcome!  I can’t wait to welcome you to the event.  The last action needed from you is to request membership to our private Facebook group where all the sessions will be hosted.  

I will ask you for some information about yourself when you request membership.  This is to to help ensure I hold a powerful space for you – you don’t have to fill it in but it’s helpful.  You can check out the privacy policy below.

Do you know someone else who might want to participate?  Registration will remain open until 8th June so just point them in the direction of the event page.  

Setting intentions

If you have a few days before the event starts why not set some powerful intentions for yourself now?  The two weeks before 28th May belong to Inguz, the rune of the seed.  Why not sow some literal or energetic seeds for what you are looking for from a more powerful connection to your Disir?  This could be as simple as pausing for a moment before you go to bed and affirming you’re ready to work with them.  Only you and they know the potential of your relationship together.  

The Disir are protective, guiding spirits so if you are experiencing a challenge in your life or you have some big dreams building you can offer these to the Disir for their support and wisdom.   Visit the Magin Rose facebook page for the video I did last month on rune magics with Inguz – it includes how to charge up some literal seeds for your intentions.

Protecting your privacy

My general privacy policy is below.  For the purposes of this event the additional provision is in place:

– You were asked to sign-up to the Magin Rose newsletter when you registered, you can unsubscribe any time from the link to your welcome email.  Your email is removed from the list when you unsubscribe

– I will retain your user details (see your account page on the top menu)  as long as you are a member on this website.  You can ask me to delete your account at any time

– Privacy guidelines are on the Facebook group.  I ask all attendees to respect the confidentiality of participants but cannot take responsibility for what others share outside of the group.  Please be mindful of this when posting.