Sunna’s Chariot

Centre of power, nurturing the soul. Unfettered, joyful. A turning wheel that cleanses, awakens, emboldens and empowers. Spinning through the sky. Spinning within the heart. Drawing you back, always, to who you are within. Guiding you towards the next flourishing of your soul. Chariot of the Sun, Chariot of the Self. 

Sunna's Chariot: The position of the Sun upon the runic wheel (drawn by the ecliptic) at the moment of your birth.

About Sunna's Chariot

Your Sun Rune Awakening package (or the Awakening module for your Sun Rune if you are on the Awakening programme) will take you into deep connection with your Sun rune. You should already have access to your package/ module; if not email so we can get this set up for you.

Your Awakening module will take you deep into your Sun rune. This PDF gives you an overview of the other 23 Sun Runes. (This is an extract from the Birth Runes Self Calculation kit available to Hearthspace inner circle members).

You can print out this workbook or use the prompt questions for exploration in your own journalling.

Sunna's Chariot meditation

Draw on the power of your Sun rune through connection with it facilitated by the power of the Sun and Sunna’s Chariot.  You can also use your rune’s power song (in your Awakening package/ module) and experiment with the energy channeling secion in Principles and Techniques

Elder futhark

You can remind yourself of each of the runes and their meanings on the Magin Rose Elder Futhark pages. 

The halls

When it feels right deepen your connection to your rune with the corresponding Hall meditation.

The hearths

When it feels right deepen your connection to your  rune with your corresponding Hearth meditation.