Two life changing journeys for magical humans

Are you ready to claim your magic? Awaken to the Runes is a 1-year certified programme for those ready to take up the ancient magics of the northern European lands and ancestors. Amplify your Magic, its sister programme, supports the (re)discovery and development of your personal magical talents. 

Awaken to the Runes

Take up the  magical tools of the northern European ancestors through this 1-year certified programme. Delivered on-line through self-study and group training including voice and body work, seership, magic, mysticism and self-healing with the runes.

Amplify your Magic

Re-ignite skills that, in the western world, we are actively taught to suppress.  Give your magic a voice again: understand its value, evolve your practice and become visible (on your own terms) as the wise, intuitive, creative, visionary, empathic human you are.

Sunna's Starwheel - a year of runic astrology

Begin a gentle-paced practice of rune work and attunement to the cycles of the sky

Sunna's Starwheel - harness the power of the lunar and solar cycles through the magic of the runes

Begin a year of runic astrology with guides, meditations, Wild Voice (TM) journalling sessions sent direct to your inbox alongside your Sunna’s Starwheel journal