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  •  Try my masterclasses and mini-retreats offering a first step into the transformational programmes Awaken and Amplify 💫
  • Pick up your first copy of my beautiful and resource-packed Sunna’s Starwheel journal or treat yourself to the full Sunna’s Starwheel experience via my annual membership 💫
  • Join a range of in-person and on-line transformational events for wisdom, healing and empowerment 💫
  • Participate in your own time via a range of recorded masterclasses and seasonal offerings designed to open doorways to healing and wisdom on the northern Eureopean world tree.  💫

Work with the runes through the wheel of the year

Sunna's Starwheel - harness the power of the lunar and solar cycles through the magic of the runes

Nurture your inner mystic with the Sunna’s Starwheel annual membership: an astrological adventure into the runes and northern European spirituality. A super-affordable first step including: 4 guided journalling sessions every month, rune oracles for every planetary movement, a treasure-trove of resources in your on-line hub plus the gift of your first hard copy Sunna’s Starwheel journal and a discount on all your future copies.