Of all the magical paths, the natural Sage seems to under-estimate themselves the most. In my experience this has 2 causes:

  1. Being skillful with words, thoughtful with actions and precise with facts can feel less sexy and magical than the others paths (it’s not – you are indeed, a sexy, magical being);
  2. The more you know the more you know you don’t know.

Western society promotes, pushes and even pressurises one form of Sage magic: the acquisition and repetition of a shared system of facts and communication methods. This magic enhances productivity which in turn  drives economy. Early writing across ancient cultures promoted two things:

  • recording who owned what
  • recording the laws that preserved that ownership.

Of course writing went on to enable the passing down of poetry, myth, and rich cultural traditions as well – but that was a delicious bi-product. The magic of the Sage is far older than writing (see below for more on that) but writing is perhaps the single more powerful magic in modern society today.

The true skill-set of the Sage

I am a lover of education. I only gave up studying when I found out I could also do professional training instead (I have 3 degrees which is perhaps excessive). I also worked in higher education for 25 years. Over time I came to realise that the idea of education burns so much brighter in the hopes and dreams of those who enter the system (both students and teachers) than the actuality of what that system allows.

“Education at a deep level means to ‘lead out’ what is trying to be born from within.” ~ Michael Meade, The Genius Myth

Michael Meade expresses so eloquently the magic of the Sage. It is the building of a bridge from what is perceived inside (by the Seer, Healer and Mystic) to expressing that wonder into the outside world. The tools of numeracy, speech, reading, writing etc. are building blocks for the bridge – they are not the destination. Developing the magical skill-set of the Sage invites you into 4 realms of growth:

  • Caring for the landscape of memory
  • Shaping knowledge
  • Connecting through expression
  • Preserving rituals

Notice how all 4 of these skill-sets are just as relevant in the ‘ordinary’ world as they are in the spiritual or magical one? Sadly one of the most powerful illusions cast by the Shadow Sage of the modern world is that science and magic are incompatible. If you are a Sage you are one of the people capable of changing that story – just saying… 

One of the most ancient words in the English language is ‘word’. A word-hoard (I really, really love that term) wasn’t just how much of the dictionary you had swallowed – it was whole reams of words that magical practitioners of the ancient past could draw upon to influence, guide, inspire and educate. Beowulf is a word-hoard. In fact, all the written accounts of Old English, Old Norse and Old Icelandic and other early Germanic cultures are remnants of word-hoards developed, passed down and evolved by the Sages of the past.

Reclaiming your Magical self

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Sage wisdom from the northern lands

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But wait! I don't even know if I'm a Sage!

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