Runic Astrology Masterclass & Sunna’s Star Wheel 2023 opening ceremony

Draw back the veils, stepping into mythic time where heroes are born and magic lives. Where the torches of the ancestors light the path towards a future both enlightened and enchanted. 

Monday 2nd January 2023, 19:30-21:30 London time

Hosted on Zoom 

Runic astrology is the practice of reading the flow of collective wyrd (fate) through the movement of the Earth, Sun, Moon and planets.

In this masterclass Maggie Rose Cunningham, creatrix of Magin Rose and host of Middle Earth Readings will guide you through the principles of runic astrology including what it shares with western astrology and what makes it unique.

The masterclass will conclude with an opening ceremony of connection to the planets for 2023. Maggie and members of Birth Runes Soul Journey will also share with you how runic astrology combines with your personal birth runes to support individual destiny-weaving.

Your ticket includes membership of Sunna’s Star Wheel for a full year including a guide to the planetary movements for the month ahead delivered straight to your inbox and access to the Magin Rose Birth Runes self calculation kit. Sunna’s Star Wheel is a wonderful way to develop your own astrological practice with the runes through 2023.

~ Ancient wisdom for an inspired future. ~


Monday 2nd January 2023, 19:30-21:30 London time

Hosted on Zoom


What if I am already a member of Sunna’s Star Wheel?

As long as your membership is current on 2nd January 2023 you will receive an invitation to join the Masterclass as part of your existing membership.

What if I can’t attend in person?

The masterclass recording will be made available in the Sunna’s Star Wheel members area after the event.

I’m interested in joining Birth Runes Soul Journey, do I need to get a ticket for this too?

No, you will receive your ticket and one year membership to Sunna’s Star Wheel as a gift when you join Birth Runes Soul Journey.

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