Nobility of character could not be better exemplified than through the great Sky-God Tyr, patron of the Teiwaz rune.  He sacrificed sovereignty, wholeness, power and the strength of his sword-arm for the greater good.  Although Odin was to usurp him as leader of the Aesir, Tyr’s sacrifice is acknowledged in his role as priest and keeper of divine truth.  Teiwaz is the first rune of the third and final Aett (group of eight runes) in the Elder Futhark.  Tyr is the patron of Teiwaz, and of the Aett; he sacrificed his right hand to ensure that the Fenris wolf ( a fearsome beast who it is foretold will kill Odin) could be tethered – none of the other Gods were brave enough to do this.  This myth hints at a connection between Teiwaz and Gebo, for Tyr places his hand in the mouth of Fenris as a sign of trust (which is why Fenris allows himself to be bound).  Tyr knew that Fenris would bite off his hand when the wolf realised the Aesir did not mean to release him, the loss of his hand is both a price paid for binding the wolf and a penalty for breaking his word.  Tyr is a God of Justice and the sacrifice of his hand demonstrates the strength of his character and his understanding of divine justice – the rune Teiwaz can be used for aid in legal matters (as long as you have right on your side!) and was also worn by warriors to ensure victory. It is believed that Tyr was a later manifestation of the God Twisto, an hermaphrodite sky god.  My work with Tyr has led me to wonder whether the sacrifice of his right hand was in some ways reminiscent of an earlier mythic sacrifice of a balanced male-female being.  Although Teiwaz is a ‘warrior’ rune, it has often been of great assistance to me in healing work – particularly for clients who have suffered injury rather than illness.  Teiwaz promotes balance within the body and Tyr has taken great interest in these healings – his understanding of loss and the consequences of ‘wounding’ seem to draw him to these types of healings and, I believe, he has much to teach us. Following the formation of the individual through the First Aett and the testing of the second Aett, I see the third Aett as a coming into maturity – at this point the individual is able to act upon the world in profound ways and so participate in the creation of not just their own Wyrd, but the Fate of all the Worlds.

Traditional meaning:  The God Tyr, guidance, victory, judgement

Pronunciation: tey-wahz

Number: 17

Gods: Tyr

Colour: Red, yellow, blue

Hour: 04:30-05:30

Half month (Sunna’s Chariot in Teiwaz): February 27th-March 14th

Individuals with the sun in Teiwaz are deep thinkers and will determine the best course of action using their own, carefully attenuated, moral compass.  They tend to be reserved in their opinions but will feel unfairness, injustice and the wrongs within the word acutely.  They will be driven to right wrongs and are unafraid of sacrificing themselves in the process.

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Plants: Hazel, oak, aconite

Body: Wrists, hands, used to treat trauma to the limbs causing asymmetry in the body

Animal: Wolf

Mineral: Coral

Aroma: Thyme, lemongrass

Object of power: Sword

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Teiwaz is the first rune in the Third Aett (third family) of the Elder Futhark.  I will be publishing each rune’s journey at its half month over 2018-19.