Sowilo symbolises the energy of the sun, the great guiding orb that is carried by the Goddess Sunna in her bright carriage.  The rune brings blessings to sailors as it helps them navigate across the unknown waters and, for those on a spiritual path, it performs the same function – guiding us whether the path is smooth or rough.  In the northern tradition the sun, moon and stars are all thought to be of the same fiery material – shards flung out from the flaming realm of Muspelheim.  Sowilo connects in not just with the sun but also with glittering stars who guide sailors and astrologers as they chart the passage ahead.

The rune is wonderful to work with if you are seeking guidane and clarity upon your path.  It is also very beneficial for healing and is used by healers to assist and guide them.

Traditional meaning:  Sun

Pronunciation: so-wil-oh

Number: 16

Gods: Baldur

Colour: Yellow, green, gold

Elements:  The appropriate element for Sowilo is fire, it represents the great sun wheel, ever turning upon its course.

Hour: 03:30-04:30

Half month (Sunna’s Chariot in Sowilo): February 12th-February 27th

Sunna’s Chariot is at its greatest strength within its own rune and the shadow of the end of days is far from Sunna’s thoughts.  Individuals with the sun in Sowilo are self-confident, care-free and creative.  At times this self-confidence can go a little far and care should be taken that you do not over-sell your talents.  With a good dose of self-awareness the Sowilo sun-child will succeed in whatever he or she puts their mind to.

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Plants: Oak, juniper, mistletoe

Body: Heart chakra, solar plexus, used to treat burn and skin disorders and to knit bones and wounds

Animal: Eagle

Mineral: Ruby

Aroma: Bay, sandalwood

Object of power: Shield

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Sowilo is the sixteenth rune and eighth rune in the Second Aett (second family) of the Elder Futhark.  I will be publishing the rune journeys on their half months through 2018.