Sowilo symbolises the energy of the sun, the great guiding orb that is carried by the Goddess Sunna in her bright carriage.  The rune brings blessings to sailors as it helps them navigate across the unknown waters and, for those on a spiritual path, it performs the same function – guiding us whether the waters are smooth or rough.  In the northern tradition the sun, moon and stars are all thought to be of the same fiery material – shards flung out from the flaming realm of Muspelheim.  Sowilo connects in not just with the Sun but also with glittering stars who guide sailors and astrologers as they chart the passage ahead.

The rune is wonderful to work with if you are seeking guidance and clarity upon your path.  The sea-faring Vikings relied on the Sun and Stars for success on the unknown journey across the waters.  The ‘sun-stone’ which lore tells us was used to identify the location of the Sun on cloudy days is sacred to Sowilo – as is all equipment and wisdom used to navigate our physical, intellectual and spiritual paths.   

Sowilo is known as a healing rune.  The ancient Merseburg charm cites it as one of the runes used to help with bone-setting.  For reiki healers its energy will be familiar, a common way of working with the rune is to visualise it above the head of the healer so that its energy can then be channelled through the body and out of the hands.   It is excellent for use with the chakras, particularly the solar plexus where it supports self-expression and can also protect us from verbal and psychic attack.

Sowilo is a warm and sensual rune that demands movement.  Dance where we are carried away on swell of the music evokes its nature.  When we move in tune with its flowing energy our movement feels effortless.  Action take in alignment with purpose and in harmony with our environment brings out the divine within us.  Sunna is known as the gladdener of hearts, under her light our fears turn to dust.  It is no wonder that the Gods mourn so intensely for Baldur, the shining one, for his presence sings of Sowilo and hope, faith and harmony spring up in the heart of all who are close to him.  

Literal meaning: Sun

Rich meaning:  Guidance, navigation, will, true purpose

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