The motion of the stars, the dance of the universe, the unseen forces that bind us together.  Raidho is that force: the circle, the wheel, the pattern, the motion that drives us forward.  To be in tune with Raidho is to act with grace, to balance your own needs with the needs of those around you, to act in accordance with wisdom, to ride with sensitivity and purpose.

Raidho is intimately bound up with process, to be in tune with Raidho is to live in harmony with the deeper rhythmns and truths of the universe and the world around you.  This is not about idealism, but rather about your every day actions, your routines, habits and choices.  The act of ‘riding’ requires you to be aware of the world around you, to direct your steed, but it also provides you with support – your horse or carriage will carry you forward if you tend it and guide it well.

Work with raidho through music, drum, rhythmn and movement.  Look for its mysteries in the movements of the stars, in the cycles of our solar system, in the tides of the sea and the routines of the day.

Traditional meaning:  Ride, riding, the road

Old Icelandic rune poem:  reið meaning ‘riding’

Riding is a rider’s happiness and a swift passage
and a horse’s hardship
Translated by Pollington, Rudiments of Runelore

Present significance: A journey, travel, the road; to me the rune poems speak of the necessity of forging your path and stoically continuing upon the road when it is difficult (as well as rejoicing in it when the going is good); to the Germanic mind, deeds and adventures were the measure of a person and would ensure their soul lived on in legend and, upon death, that they received a place of honour in the halls of the gods.  This rune also refers to rhythm, and ritual action – allowing yourself to live harmoniously with what is around you.  To be in tune with Raidho is to proceed gracefully upon your path and to live rightly.

Key terms:  Journey, right action, rationality, support, order

Pronunciation: ray-do

Number: 5

Gods: Hermod, Ing, Thor

Colour: Blue, red

Elements:  Air is commonly associated with Raidho, perhaps referring to the divine charioteers of Sun, Moon, Night and Day who ride across the skies of the Worlds

Hour: 16:30-17:30

Half month (Sunna’s Chariot in Raidho): August 29th-September 13th

Individuals with the Sun in Raidho are capable of creating profoundly harmonious, orderly lives.  They thrive in ritual contexts, naturally adapting to the rhythms and cycles of nature and human society.  The Raidho sun-child may find disruptive aspects elsewhere in their runic birth chart challenging to deal with.  In negative circumstances they should watch a tendency to manipulate or force others into acquiescing to their need to enforce order.

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Plants: Oak, mugwort

Body: Legs, buttocks

Animal: Goat, horse

Mineral: Chysophase, turquoise

Aroma: Basil, vetivert

Object of power: Chariot

Raidho is the symbol of the cosmic law of right ordering in the multiverse, in mankind, and in the soul.  It is a mystery the outward face of which we experience each day in the rising sun and in the cycles of activity and sleep.  All rhythmic action is ascribed to raidho – dance, music and poetic forms. ()

Raidho meditation

This meditation focuses on relaxation and a fostering of harmony between rider, horse and road.

I use this meditation to reduce my stress levels and, when I feel flustered or overwhelmed by all the things I need to do or decide, I re-connect in with my horse, running steadily and assuredly forwards.  I have used a horse in the meditation because it is the most obvious animal for the rider, however, the Northern gods ride on, or have chariots drawn by, any number of different animals.  I would recommend using the horse for this meditation, at least to begin with, as the idea is to connect with the rune itself, rather than with specific power animals.  Taking the time to get to know your horse will increase your trust in  your own inner compass, the rhythm of Raidho which is available to us all.


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Journeys with the Elder Futhark – The First Aett

Raidho is the fifth rune in the First Aett (first family) of the Elder Futhark. I have created the Journeys with the Elder Futhark to help you get to know the energies of each of the runes better.

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