Raidho governs the motion of the stars and the dance of the universe.  Closer to home it is the road: the simple act of putting one step in front of another.  Not sure where to find it?  Listen to your heart beat.  Raidho brings alignment with the ordering principles of the universe.  When we are properly connected to Raidho we walk the path, rough or smooth, with sensitivity, grace and purpose. Raidho teaches us to balance our own needs with the needs of those around us.  It reminds us that everyone gets their go on the wheel of fortune, up and down.

Raidho orders the deepest rhythmns and truths of the universe.  Look for its mysteries in the movements of the stars, in the cycles of our solar system, the tides of the sea and the routines of the day.

For all it grandeur Raidho is ultimately about every day actions, routines, habits and choices. Work with Raidho through music, drum, rhythm and movement.  

Riding is a rider’s happiness and a swift passage and a horse’s hardship, Old Icelandic Rune Poem


To me the rune poems speaks of the connectedness between all things.

To the ancient Germanic mind, deeds and adventures were the measure of a person and would ensure the soul lived on both in the ‘after life’ and in legend. The tales speak of warriors, kings and conquerers.  These legends were created in a time when humanity fought daily for survival.   Power humans, animals, the land and its resources was paramount.  In the present age the heroic path calls us to break away from this paradigm.  If we are to survive we must seek power with on all these fronts.  

Raidho is rhythm and ritual action.  It is the integration of all aspects of the self.  It is harmony between inner consciousness and outer reality.  To be in tune with Raidho is to proceed gracefully upon your path and to live rightly. The act of ‘riding’ requires you to be aware of the world around you, to direct your steed, but it also provides you with support – your horse or carriage will carry you forward if you tend it and guide it well.

Literal meanings:  The modern words riding and road both stem from Raidno

Rich meanings: A circle, a wheel, a pattern, a journey, travel, the motion that drives us forward.

Deepening your connection with Raidho

Articles about Raidho

Pennick is one of our most prolific runic authors.  This volume goes well beyond astrology, its sub-title ‘Startcraft and Timekeeping in the northern tradition‘ is a more accurate description.

Gerrard’s book remains one of the most authoritative, comprehensive and accessible volumes on seidr.  I can report first hand that her methods and talent are second to none.

Ingerman’s work is not set in the northern tradition but I would training within her  within her system to any serious student of shamanic trance work, healing and journeying.  

I love this book.  Packed with rituals, ideas and passion for her subject.  Paxson brought so much new material to rune practice through this work.  A classic to this day.

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