Othala is the inheritance of the individual and the shared inheritance of humankind.  It is the land of the ancestors, the homestead and all inherited wealth.  It is the traits passed down through our DNA, our language and our culture.

Othala is also the burial mound where wisdom may be sought from those who came before us.  Trace the rune upon your forehead to seek the blessing of the ancestors or draw it as a gateway to journey through.

The gifts of Othala can be negative as well as positive.  Not all our ancestors are wise and all knowing.  Not everything we inherit is desired.  Work with Othala is the first step towards understanding and making peace with our inheritance.

Traditional meaning: Inheritance, wealth, homeland, farm, family estate

Pronunciation: oh-tha-la

Number: 24/23

Gods: Odin, Vali

Colour: Yellow, red

Hour: 10:30-11:30

Half month (Sunna’s Chariot in Othala): May 29th – June 14th

Individuals with the Sun in Othala will be self-possessed, mature in their choices and good with money.  They have good memories, excellent listening skills and discerning taste.  Watch that a flare for thriftiness doesn’t turn into miserliness or a tendency to hoarding – consulting your full birth chart will help you determine where you might want to temper Othala’s influence.

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Plants: Hawthorn, clover

Body: Inherited traits, DNA

Animal: Unknown

Mineral: Spinel

Aroma: Marjoram, Neroli

Object of power: Seat

Journeys with the Elder Futhark – Othala

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