The Waters of Wyrd, the depths of the unconscious, the flow of magic, the dreamworld where creatures of magic and myth roam free.  Don’t underestimate the power of Laguz, the rune of water.  The mysteries of water have long held sway over man’s imagination.  Human life is formed in water and, to our northern ancestors, the deep waters were doorways to the world of the dead.  As the rune of water Laguz might be said to contain the power of Wyrd itself; the flowing waters of creation, consciousness, memory and magic.  For some commentators, the Laguz rune also represents Frigga’s magic spindle upon which the threads of Wyrd are spun.  In this sense Laguz represents not just the flow of Wyrd, but also the power to shape and form our own destinies.

Work with and meditate on water in its many forms to connect to the energy of Laguz.  The dark depths, rushing waterfall, cleansing rain, powerful sea, gentle dew, merciless torrents, cathartic tears and sparkling stream – all hold the power of Laguz.  Form the shape of Laguz with your body and let its power flow through you, listen to its song and let it carry you into its mysteries .

Traditional meaning:  Water, sea

Pronunciation: Lah-gooz

Number: 21

Gods: Nerthus, Njord

Colour: Green, orange

Hour: 08:30-09:30

Half month (Sunna’s Carriage in Laguz): April 29th – May 19th

Individuals with the Sun in Laguz are able to access the deep waters of the subconscious and bring their dreams into the light.  They hold great potential to achieve enormous success in whatever they put their minds to being strong-willed, purposeful and creative.  Holding such power within the psyche makes consulting the rest of ones birth chart and undertaking regular grounding practice particularly helpful for the Laguz sun-child.

Plants: Willow, leek

Body: Kidneys, bladder

Animal: Seal, gull

Mineral: Pearl

Aroma: Jasmine, myrrh

Object of power: Axe

Journeys with the Elder Futhark – Laguz

I will be publishing each of my journeys with the Elder Futhark on the rune half months through 2018-19.