Isa, ice.  This is a very beautiful rune, exceedingly strong but undoubtedly with an element of danger.  Ice has an important role to play in purifying the earth, eradicating disease and pests that have spread during the warm summer and wet autumn.  Isa is a pitiless rune and that which is weak will perish at its touch – making way for that which is strong and enduring.  Perhaps ‘enduring’ is the wrong expression; Isa strives for stability, for stasis and an end to change.  Herein lies the danger of Isa, for its influence can bring rigidity, intolerance, confirmity and restriction – if it is not tempered by other runes.

Isa is used to promote strength, stability and endurance.  It is an excellent rune to work with to strengthen the soul complex, working on the ‘ego’ to mesh the different aspects of the soul and strengthen the individual personality.  I have included a meditation below.

Traditional meaning: Ice

Pronunciation: eee-sah

Number: 11

Gods: Skadi, Verdhandi, Rind

Colour: White

Elements:  Unsurprisingly the northern tradition element of ice is the element most closely associated with Isa.  The element of Earth is also closely associated with Isa, the Goddess Rind is the personification of the frozen earth, still, hard and implacable.

Hour: 22:30-23:30

Half month (Sunna’s chariot in Isa): November 28th- December 13th

Individuals with Sunna’s chariot in Isa often have a quiet charisma which makes them particularly attractive to others.  It may, however, be difficult for others to see beneath the surface to what the Isa individuals is thinking and feeling.  The Ice/ Sun combination within the psyche make this individual more comfortable with change than when Isa falls elsewhere within your rune birth chart.  Isa individuals are particular suited to careers and pastimes which let them build a world in harmony with itself.  This could range from agriculture through to politics.  They also won’t have any difficulty participating in the abolition of structures which they do not consider beneficial to the world they dream of.

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Plants: Alder, henbane

Body: Base chakra, paralysis, loss of sensation

Animal: Unknown

Mineral: Chrysoberyl

Aroma: Lavendar, yarrow

Object of power: Skis, sled

Isa meditation

This meditation focuses on overcoming resistance to personal transformation, acknowleding that the self we are now may not be quite as willing to undergo rebirth as we would like.

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Isa is the eleventh rune and the third of the Second Aett (second family) of the Elder Futhark.  I will be publishing the rune journeys on their half months through 2018.

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