Inguz: the twenty-second rune

Inguz, or Ingwaz as it is also known, is named after the divine hero Ing.  Ing is often thought to be an earlier form of the better known god Freyr.  It symbolises gestation and is a container of energy in potential.  Through associations with the goddess Nerthus and the Green Man Inguz has become strongly associated with sacrifice.  The Ing rune can be seen as both the devoured seed and the sacred seed through which life is reborn.

Where Mannaz speaks of human ancestry, Inguz reminds us of our divine heritage.  It holds within it the mysteries of initiation and death through which we connect with our ancestors (Othala) and find enlightenment (Dagaz).  Where Mannaz is the rune of heroes recognised by society, Ing is the rune of the quiet hero who ventures forth into the night unnoticed and unsung to meet his/ her destiny.

You will find the mysteries of Ing within a single seed of corn, in the setting sun and in the miracle of conception.  As a container it can be used very effectively in magical workings to hold energy ready for release.

Traditional meaning:  The divine hero Ing

Pronunciation: ing-ooz

Number: 22

Gods: Ing, Frey, Freyja

Colour: Yellow, orange, green

Hour: 09:30-10:30

Half month (Sunna’s Chariot in Inguz): May 14th – May 29th

Individuals with the Sun in Inguz are blessed with great physical and mental strength.  They are opportunists and inclined to be entrepreneurial in spirit.  They will thrive where they have sufficient autonomy and struggle where there is too much bureaucracy or control.  Although the Ing sun child may form strong relationships and connections to hearth and home, at some point their heart will yearn for a great adventure.

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Plants: Apple, self heal

Body: Third eye chakra, male genitalia

Animal: Boar, cuckoo

Mineral: Amber, peridot

Aroma: Fennel, Melissa

Object of power: Helmet

Journeys with the Elder Futhark – Inguz

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