A steed, a lover, a dream, a nightmare, a union the loss of Self and the embrace of the Other through whom you come to know yourself again.   All these things are encapsulated by the Ehwaz rune which represents both the speeding stallion and the divine twins.

Both the horse and twins are known throughout many cultures for their magical, other-worldly qualities.  The horse is wild and powerful, its speed and grace speaks to us of the untameable force of nature; yet man enjoys an intimacy and partnership with horses that can make horse and rider seem almost as one.  Our ancestors read the movement of horses as a form of divination and they are associated in mythology with sovereignty, fertility and, of course, the ability to journey through the worlds.  The close partnership of horse and rider has already hinted at the importance of partnership for the Ehwaz rune; its associations with twinship take this further.  Everyone is fascinated by twins; two lives formed entwined together, sharing experiences, thoughts, and feelings.   Twins have often been thought to bring luck and good fortune to their tribes.  The Algiz rune is often linked to the Alcis, a pair of divine twins worshipped by the Germanic tribe of the Naharvali.  The shape of the Ehwaz rune itself is a mirror image, sometimes likened to two horses heads, a pair of divine horses gazing at each other.

Ehwaz is a rune of speed and connection, it removes boundaries, drawing like to like, spanning the barriers that hold us apart.  It is particularly associated with the Fetch, a key component of the Germanic soul complex which might be best understood by the modern mind as the personal power animal, anima/animus, or shadow self.  The Ehwaz rune is often a complicated rune to work with because it represents both our power and our weakness; it is the rune of witches and trance workers who journey to the hidden places at the edges of the worlds and the depths of the soul.

Traditional meaning:  Partnership, horse

Pronunciation: eh-wahz

Number: 19

Gods: Frey, Idun, Frey

Colour: Silver, yellow, green

Hour: 08:30-09:30

Half month: March 30th – April 14th

Plants: Apple, ash, ragwort

Body: Back

Animal: Horse

Mineral: Iceland Spar

Aroma: Grapefruit, Pettigrain

Object of power: Box

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