A figure stands alone in the wilderness, arms upraised to the Heavens; overhead a rainbow appears – the Bifrost bridge leading to the heavens.  The Algiz/ Elhaz rune is a rune of great blessing, it symbolises protection and defence.  As Elhaz it symbolises the elk, or the serated edges of the elk sedge plant; both of these relate to its qualities of defence.  As Algiz it refers to the swan or swan maiden, the fierce and beautiful Valkyrie who chooses the best and bravest from amongst the slain to carry to a place of honour at Odin’s table.

Call on Algiz for guidance, protection and connection with your own guardian spirits and guides.  Its energies will also connect you in to your highest self, the spirit of the divine within you that will guide you true upon your soul path.

Traditional meaning:  Elk sedge, protection, swan, elk

Pronunciation: al-geez/ el-ahz (the first refers to swan, the second to elk)

Number: 15

Gods: Heimdall, valkyries

Colour: Silver, green, rainbow

Elements:  Air is the elements most commonly associated with Algiz; perhaps referencing the flight of the Valyrie or the great arc of the rainbow bridge.

Hour: 02:30-03:30

Half month (Sunna’s carriage in Algiz): January 28th-February 12th

Individuals born with Sunna’s carriage in Algiz often have a special connection to the divine.  They are intuitive and very good at ‘reading’ others.  They tend to be individualists and you will often find them in lone occupations or running their own businesses.  These individuals will sniff out ‘group think’ a mile away and are often suspicious of authority.

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Plants: Lime, Yew, sedge grass, service tree

Body: Head and brain

Animal: Swan, elk

Mineral: Amethyst

Aroma: Juniper, peppermint

Object of power: Blowhorn

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Algiz is the fifteenth rune and seventh rune in the Second Aett (second family) of the Elder Futhark.   I will be publishing the rune journeys on their half months through 2018.