Soul Weavers and runic astrology

In addition to the Hero Makers (sun, moon, first thread, runic birth hour) a runic birth chart can also include the positions of the planets which, in the northern system are called Thor (Jupiter), Odin (Mercury), Frigga (Venus), Loki (Saturn), Hella (Pluto), Urd (Uranus) and Aegir (Neptune). Where the Hero Makers are woven in to the individual birth tapestry by the Nornir (who govern fate), the Soul Weavers are woven by the Disir (you and your family’s guardian spirits and ancestors). Once you are acquainted with your Hero Makers getting to know your Soul Weavers can provide rich insights.

Identifying your Soul Weavers and working with runic astrology

The bad news is that there are currently no automatic calculators out there that will generate a runic birth chart, or the planetary positions for you. The good news is that the runic astrological system is calculated using the ecliptic as is the case for other astrological systems. Even luckier, there are 24 runes and 12 signs of the zodiac making it fairly straight forward to convert zodiac calculations into runic ones. You can use exactly the same method to calculate your planetary runes as I have provided for calculating your sun, lunar and rising sign runes (see the Birth Runes pages).

As with other astrological systems; it is also possible to read the energetic currents caused by the transit of the planets through the runic wheel. I would highly recommend tracking the transits for a year or two as a precursor to any work on astrological charts using the Soul Weavers – experiencing how the energies impact you and the world around you is your best preparation for interpreting your own Soul Weavers, working with the planets through the year and reading for others.

The most comprehensive published work out there on runic astrology is Nigel Pennick’s Runic Astrology. This is the primary source material I work from.

To help get you started…

If you want to work with your Soul Weavers but are finding the calculations too much I do offer Soul Weavers calculations. This will include identification of the relevant Disir and Hearth as well as the runic house the planets were travelling through (see the Birth Runes pages for more). I don’t currently offer analyses or oracles for your Soul Weavers.

If you feel strongly called to work with your Soul Weavers then I would be happy to offer you a 1-2-1 mentoring session; I have been engaged with this work for a number of years and can advise on the basis of the case studies and private readings I have done.

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