Your lunar rune rune is dictated by the position of Manni’s Chariot (the Moon) in the runic wheel at the time of your birth.  It speaks of your passionate, desiring, emotional self.   In Germanic soul lore this part of the self relates to your lyke (physical body), hyde (spiritual appearance or astral body) and the willa (the ‘will’ or desiring part able to manipulate wyrd).  

Manni, the Charioteer of the Moon takes a warm interest in human affairs and sends blessings, benevolence, power and wisdom when the Moon is at its fullest.  The Full Moon is a wonderful time for setting intentions and performing magics to bring new energies into your life.    In its dark and crescent phase Manni feels the shadow of the great wolf who pursues his chariot more keenly and his nature reflects a more adventurous, innovative and decisive aspect.   

Manni’s Chariot completes a circuit of the runic wheel about every 28 days spending just over a day in each segment.  The energy of the full and new Moons are particulary potent and I cover them in our weekly astrological forecasts and Middle Earth Readings.  

The position of the Moon and the time of your birth follows the same methodology as the Sun.  We include calculation of your lunar rune and the north and south node our Birth Runes package.  Members of the Hearthspace can also use the Birth Runes Self- Discovery kit.

Working with your lunar rune

What is purpose without passion?  Drive without desire?  Where Sunna’s gaze is fixed firmly on the horizon, Manni is interested in the here and the now.  Connecting to your lunar rune is in many ways an act of self love.  It connects you to the power you possess to form deep, meaningful relationships with yourself, your clan and your world.  It is a celebration of your humanity and all the precious gifts that come with it. 

"Getting a full write up of your individual birth runes is a real gift to yourself. They are fascinating to read, revealing and accurate. But it's also something more than that, if you want - it can be the start of a bigger adventure, where you learn about yourself more than the runes. I know much more about regular astrology than runic astrology and birth runes, but this is just as inviting to dive into, if not more so. Every rune placement is so well explained, and each one is a potential portal into deeper study - I expect I could spend years exploring them, which is really exciting!I've known and followed Maggie's rune work for many years now and the birth rune charts really are her at her best. The runes were calculated and explained with precision and care, and her vast knowledge and years of research are obvious in the write up. My oracle revealed an overall pattern, all the threads of the tapestry skilfully and intuitively woven together in a beautiful piece of careful, healing storytelling. Just wonderful!"

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