Your birth runes are 14 runes calculated from the position of the earth, moon and planets at the time of your birth. Together they form a unique song, captured within the threads of the tapestry as you entered the world. They are powerful soul allies, protectors, healers and guides.

Thank you so VERY much for your amazing work and for this reading! I am thrilled that you are doing this work in the way you are doing it. I see now why I found you just now as well as the timing of requesting this reading. When I found your site it felt like a longing/dream come true: for this tradition to be reclaimed/revisioned in a deep way.  Thank you for this amazing reading and for all the work you’ve done to be able offer this and your other services. Now, of all times, we need it more than ever. 

Leubgythe Holm, PhD


Connect deeply with your birth runes via your birth runes oracle.

Your oracle starts with the creation of your birth runes report; this is a personalised document sharing with you each of your birth runes and associated Halls of the Gods and Hearthsp of the Asyniur. The report is created manually (and with love) taking 1-2 weeks to perfect. It is approximately 23 pages long.

I know 1-2 weeks can seem like a while to wait so I include as a gift with your package 3 months membership to Sunna’s Star Wheel my runic astrology introductory package. You can connect with the planetary movements each month helping you to atune to them and get to know their meanings and, if you would like, take a deep dive into your how birth runes will be calculated with my Birth Runes Self-Discover kit.

When you get your report you will also receive your Sun Rune Awakening package. Your Sun Rune is your key energetic signature so I have included this Awakening modue from my signature progamme ‘Awaken to the Runes’ so you can experience your rune through song, story and meditation. 

The package concludes with a 75 minute 1-2-1 session hosted on Zoom with me uncovering the patterns held within your birth runes and exploring which runes and/ or spirit guides revealed within the report it would be most powerful for you to work with at the present time.  

It is simply beautiful, what you have done for me. Listening to your voice talking about my birth runes and oracle was so exciting and fulfilling it is hard to describe. It has really touched my soul. And I have to say, that everything you have said about me really describes my character and soul so truly, that it is even frightening (in good way…) – it was almost like you know me so well…..  

Lukáš Š

Czech Republic

We do offer Birth Rune reports as stand alone gifts.  These are wonderful for new borns, family members and those who already have a strong grounding in runes and/ or astrology and would like to read their report unassisted.  Please do bear in mind that there is a lot of information in the report and it can be daunting if you don’t have the support to unpack, interpret and integrate.