Your birth runes are calculated from the position of the Sun, Moon, , Earth and planets at the moment you were born.  They work to connect you to the most powerful version of you: that part of you that is mythic, epic and put on this earth for a reason.  All the Magin Rose birth runes packages are designed to support reimagining, rediscovery or simply honouring of the magical being that is you.

For some the birth runes function as a gateway to their deepest, most creative and magical self.  For others they feel a calling to form a powerful connection to the magical, transformative potential of their birth runes through deeper work.  You can select from four packages depending on how deeply you want to take your connection with your birth runes at this point in your life.  

Any questions don’t hesitate to contact or drop a message into the Magin Rose Facebook page.

My Sun Rune - available to pre-order for birthdays after 30th June 2020

Your Sun Rune connects you to your heroic destiny or soul purpose. A wonderful first step into your birth runes. Provide your birth time, date and location when you order and you will get a lovely Sun rune package delivered to your inbox on your birthday. (Also makes a lovely gift for a loved one).

My Sun Rune includes a detailed personal report and a bundle of multi-media virtual resources to help you build a powerful and lasting connection with the rune that acts as the key to your purpose in this lifetime.  Package includes:  

  • Personal power song
  • Explanation of the ancient rune poem/s for your rune 
  • A woven story-telling session drawing on old, and new, mythic tales
  • Guidance on channelling the rune’s energy in your body
  • A range of integration exercises to help you embody the power of your rune

Price: £26 inc. tax (just under 32 US dollars)

Your Sun Rune or ‘Sunna’s Chariot’ connects you to your soul purpose. You can read more here.

Hero Makers

An in-depth report about your four primary birth runes or Hero Makers: sun, moon, earth and birth hour. Simply provide your birth time, date and location and you will receive your personal report within 1-2 weeks.

Your unique Hero Makers report is created following calculation of your four Hero Makers:

  • Sunna’s Chariot (Sun rune) – heroic purpose
  • First Thread (rune rising on the earth’s horizon) – warrior self
  • Manni’s Chariot (lunar rune) – desiring self
  • Nornir’s Gift (birth hour) – your gift from the Fates

The report also includes:

  • Your lunar north and south node as these often provide helpful balancing influences for the Hero Makers.
  • The House of the Gods associated with each rune 
  • For each rune in the report, which Disir’s Hearth provided blessing (the Disir are your personal guiding ancestral spirits)

Price:£65.00 inc. tax (just under 80 dollars as at May 2020)

You have a wonderful skill and sensibility in your work, and I very much appreciate it. Your reading gives me a fresh perspective/story to my truth. ~ Tina B, US

Getting a full write up of your individual birth runes is a real gift to yourself. They are fascinating to read, revealing and accurate. But it’s also something more than that, if you want – it can be the start of a bigger adventure, where you learn about yourself more than the runes. … Every rune placement is so well explained, and each one is a potential portal into deeper study – I expect I could spend years exploring them, which is really exciting! I’ve known and followed Maggie’s rune work for many years now and the birth rune charts really are her at her best. The runes were calculated and explained with precision and care, and her vast knowledge and years of research are obvious in the write up. But, like all her work, it’s all so personal and insightful. ~ Kay Gillard, UK


Hero Makers Premium

The premium package includes the Hero Makers report, My Sun Rune package and a personal oracle created from an intuitive reading of your birth runes. Oracles are created monthly so you will receive your report and oracle within 1 month of your order. Your Sun Rune package will arrive on your birthday.

See Your Sun Rune and Hero Makers above for their product descriptions.  Your oracle is prepared close to or on the Full Moon each month.  The oracle is spoken and provided to you as a recording.  It is an intuitive reading of the significant themes arising from your Hero Makers, Disir and Houses of the Gods.

Price: £120 inc. tax (approx 140 US dollars as at May 2020)

Thank you so VERY much for your amazing work and for this reading! I am thrilled that you are doing this work in the way you are doing it. I see now why I found you just now as well as the timing of requesting this reading. When I found your site it felt like a longing/dream come true: for this tradition to be reclaimed/revisioned in a deep way.  Thank you for this amazing reading and for all the work you’ve done to be able offer this and your other services. Now, of all times, we need it more than ever. ~Leubgythe Holm, Ph.D, US 

It is simply beautiful, what you have done for me. Listening to your voice talking about my birth runes and oracle was so exciting and fulfilling it is hard to describe. It has really touched my soul. And I have to say, that everything you have said about me really describes my character and soul so truly, that it is even frightening (in good way…) – it was almost like you know me so well…..  ~Lukáš Š, Czech Republic

Song of my Soul

My most in-depth package delivered to you over the course of a full year. This package covers all your birth runes and includes in-person integration sessions, videos, power songs and membership of the Runic Astrology Hearthspace.

In addition to Your Sun Rune and Hero Makers Premium you will get:

  • 3 in-person Hero Makers integration sessions
  • a hand-prepared birth runes chart covering your Hero Makers and Soul Singers (the planets)
  • Awakening process for all of your birth runes including 3 videos and the rune’s power song (normally  13 sessions in total)
  • 1 year’s membership to the Runic Astrology Hearthspace.

Price:£380.00 inc. tax (approx 462 dollars as at May 2020)

…all the threads of the tapestry skilfully and intuitively woven together in a beautiful piece of careful, healing storytelling. Just wonderful! ~ Kay Gillard, UK