The world does not need another strutting warrior lusting for power. The monsters we are here to defeat are his legacy; lurking in a shallow-water, life-consuming, image-obsessed, hyper-rational culture where spirit is dismissed as childish fantasy and soul is tended on a Sunday if at all.

In this moment, I claim my magic

In the hush, before first breath,
before the first cord is cut
Hear the song of the runes
Played upon the earth and within the stars
Chosen by the Nornir, woven by the Disir
To defend your heroic soul in this mad, mad world



The northern Gods have been underground for 1,000 years; but they did not abandon us. They simply out-grew what they were. Under the earth they waited for us to complete an arc of self-actualisation where we came to see ourselves as  Kings on an un-witnessed stage. 

They always knew better – and they knew this time would come. When seekers of ancient wisdom reached across the thresholds of the familiar into the gateways of dream to find something not known, but felt. Dreamers like you who are not looking for the power to control everything but the wisdom to heal together.

Working with your birth runes is not the same as working with other astrological systems. They are energetic gateways offering healing energies, spirit guidance and magical force. To take up runic astrology is to reach for forgotten ancient power. It is also an act of participation in the spiritual evolution required for us to live as connected, co-creative beings reaching for a future our ancestors could not dream. This is our time. When the Nornir weave our birth runes into the tapestry of being they are calling us to be the heroes of today.  

Let me introduct you to your birth runes

Each one a key to soul-knowing and magical-potential for those willing to offer the curiousity and time it takes awaken them within.

My sun rune

Sun rune – draws out true soul essence and clears energy that is not yours 💫

Earth rune or first thread

First Thread (Earth rune) – strengthens your practical, go-getting self 💫

Lunar rune

Lunar rune – nourishes your sensitive, receptive abilities 💫

Soul journey boat

Nornir’s Gift (birth hour) – supports and facilitates spiritual evolution 💫

leaping person

North node – steers you towards your next spiritual evolution 💫

Person holding the light of the Sun

South node – resonates with the frequency of your previous spiritual evolution 💫

Odin - planet

Odin’s Chariot – your compass of self-expression 💫

Frigg’s Chariot – your compass of giving and receiving 💫

Tyr's Chariot

Tyr’s Chariot – your compass of truth and sacrifice 💫

Thot planet

Thor’s Chariot – your compass of sovereignty and service 💫

Loki - planet

Loki’s Chariot – your compass of freedom and constraint 💫

Urd planet

Urd’s Chariot – holds your mission as a member of the global community 💫

Aegir planet

Aegir’s Chariot – holds your mission as an innovator and change-maker 💫

Hela planet

Hela’s Chariot – holds your mission as a link in the chain of Elders 💫

So how do you start with your birth runes?

Start with your Sun Rune – determined by the position of the Sun in the runic wheel at the time of your birth. Your Sun rune functions to align you to your personal heroic path. Working with it clears energies that are not yours connects you back with your ‘centre’. Get to know your Sun rune through its meanings, sounds, correspondences and energies. My Awakening packages provide your power song, sacred stories, correspondences, historical meanings and a meditation to feel the energy of your rune. Each package also contains a PDF about what it means for you if the rune is your Sun rune.

Your Sun rune is a wonderful partner for self healing. You can find out more by watching this short video.

Going deeper with runic astrology

Did you know that 90% of adults know their Zodiac sun sign? The Zodiac was created by the Babylonians some 2,500 years ago and it continues to fascinate us. That search for meaning and the truth of who we are remains as important to us today as it was for our ancestors. 

Despite the popularity of the Zodiac it’s by no means the only astrological system in use today. 

The northern European peoples had their own rich and highly developed concepts of destiny revolving around örlög (the law that is written), wyrd (the shaping and flow of fate) and luck hamingja (Old Norse) or maegen (Anglo-Saxon). I came to realise that, if I wanted to practice the ways of my ancestors I needed a system that embraced the technological breakthroughs of the modern world but was founded in the ancient practices of my own ancestors, land and tongue. I began sharing my own research and practices working with the Northern astrological system in 2010. Today I work with my clients through their personal birth runes, helping them to connect to personal destiny in ways that feel authentic and empowering. My Awaken to the Runes graduates also have the option to study this beautiful and powerful system in depth through Birth Runes Soul Journey 


What is runic astrology?

Runic Astrology is the oracular art of reading the flow of wyrd through the movements of the Sun, Moon, planets and Earth through the runic wheel of the Elder Futhark. Like other astrological systems the wheel is formed along the ecliptic. Unlike other astrological systems the runes are not just symbols but sounds. This means that the vibrations of each celestial body combine with the vibrations of the rune through which they are travelling to form a unique song.  

Using runic astrology you can discover which of the 24 runes in the Elder Futhark were most powerfully woven into your soul tapestry at the time of your birth. I work with 14 runes (see below) to create birth rune oracles for my clients.  Their purpose is not to predict your fate but to call you to your heroic destiny.   Runemal means ‘rune speech’ and, if you listen, they will speak.    Amidst all the noise their song calls you home to yourself and their power strengthens you to make your biggest contribution in this lifetime.  

Would you like to start your own practice? Try my Sunna’s Starwheel journal. 

Wow. I am so impressed. Your content weaves so beautifully between knowledge and gnosis. This gentle process of dropping in is exquisitely crafted. It's all do clear, so well organized and presented to invite engagement at any level. I am overflowing with gratitude and again, so very impressed. Thank you.
Deanne McCoy
Sunna's Starwheel subscriber

How old is runic astrology?

We do not know. The northern peoples passed down their wisdom and knowledge orally and, as such, there is no way to recover the star-reading practices of our ancestors (which we do know they had as I will illustrate below). 

Birth runes quote from The Poetic Edda - Helgi - fate thread span they to overspread the world - they gathered together the gold threads and in Moons Hall they held them fast

This passage is from the Poetic Edda written in  about 1270 using source texts which are known to be much older. In this excerpt we meet, Helgi, a great hero whose name means ‘success’ or ‘dedicated to the gods’. His life was filled with heroic deeds and his song starts here, with the Nornir stretching golden threads across the land and fixing them to the stars. His soul is literally woven into the world of Midgard (Earth).

The concepts of time, the cycles of nature, and the stars themselves are embedded deep within the runes.  Every aspect of northern tradition culture, language, craftsmanship and husbandry speaks of a highly sophisticated understanding of the interplay between the seen and unseen worlds.  The Eddas, Old Icelandic tales and other sources of our knowledge about the ancient mystery traditions of the north give tantalising hints at the existence of an astrological system unique to the northern peoples.

Sadly, historical data does not provide a complete runic astrological system for us to pick up and use.  There is no doubt, however that the northern peoples took a keen interest in fate and the movement of the stars.  Five out of the 24 runes relate to time, space and starcraft.  Archaeological finds including rune calendars and, of course, the Trundholm Sun Chariot, offer a tantalising glimpse of rituals, practices and time-mapping generated through careful observation of the skies.

My work is founded in the teachings of  Nigel Pennick and Freya Aswynn. Pennick’s approach is thoughtful, well-considered and substantive. It treats the source material with respect and creativity.  He drew on a huge variety of Germanic sources to arrive at his system which assigns the northern deities to the planets in our solar system and places the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark around the ecliptic.  

The fabulous rune mistress Freya Aswynn intuitively and sensitively assigned the zodiac signs to the Halls of the northern Gods. I include the Halls of the Gods in all my birth runes reports but this work really deepens when you join the Birth Runes: Soul Journey programme. The programme includes a meditation for each Hall connecting you more powerfully to your birth rune.  

My work has evolved under the guidance of the goddess Frigg who is a seeress and the Queen of the sky-gods. Under her guidance I have added the Hearths of the Asyniur (the Handmaidens of Frigg) to my birth runes reports; each rune is associated with a Hearth (the equivalent of houses or mansions in Western astrology).  These correspondences were gifted to me during a series of rituals with Frigg; I have found the Asyniur make wonderful teachers and guides in times of difficulty.  

Runic astrology works on the basis that, when Odin sang the runes into manifestation, they were set in a great circle around Midgard (Middle Earth, the realm of man).  Each rune has its own resonance and, as the Earth, Sun, Moon and planets orbit they bring their own resonant frequencies to the harmony of the runes.  At any given point   a unique song flows around us creating a powerful current of wyrd.

Birth runes and runic astrology - illustration of the planets
I call the planets the ‘chariots’ as archeological and textual evidence indicates this is how our ancestors saw them. Unlike the stars, the planets move across the sky, sometimes even seeming to go backwards in what we call ‘retrograde motion’. The chariots I work with are:

  • Sunna’s Chariot (also referred to as Sol’s Chariot) – the Sun
  • Manni’s Chariot – the Moon
  • Odin’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Mercury
  • Frigg’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Venus
  • Thor’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Jupiter
  • Tyr’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Mars
  • Loki’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Saturn
  • Urd’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Uranus
  • Aegir’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Neptune
  • Hela’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Pluto

Imagine that the universe is extending its hand to you. It’s saying “Dance with me.” You start to move in time. You sit with the energy of the runes that are present right now. You raise their energies, sing their song, trace them on your body, create their shapes with your hands, channel them within and without.  You experiment with how your birth runes, and the runes of the moment interact together.  

To my mind runic astrology is unique in that we are not just passive ‘listeners’.  Runes are magical energies so we can work with them actively to maximise the impact of times when there is harmony and minimise impact when there is discord. 

Your birth runes

The great vault of the sky over Midgard (earth) is forged from the skull of Ymir.  When a child is born the Nornir and Disir stretch threads out across the land which fix in place aspects of that child’s ‘doom’ (both good and bad).  Runic astrology works on the assumption that this is an analogy for the position of the stars and planets.

Of particular importance in Norse mythology are the chariots of Sunna (the sun) and Manni (the moon) which travel across the sky pursued by wolves – they will be devoured at Ragnarok, the end of the world. We do not know whether Odin found or created the runes, but the moment he brought them into the worlds their energies permeated all things.  The sky vault was overlaid by the great wheel of the runes.  The runic energies now sound and resonate as the celestial chase continues its near eternal dance across the sky.

I think of the solar, lunar, first thread and birth hour runes as your Hero Makers (see below).  Once the sky wheel was in place what could be more logical than that Odin would work with Sunna, Manni and the Nornir to ensure its energies influenced the fates of men? Odin is continually seeking for heroes who will one day join him in the final battle and avert the terrible doom of Ragnarok.  The Hero Makers encourage you to find and forge your own hero within.

Once your Hero Makers are set your personal Disir take up the threads. These are spirits attached to the house of Frigg.  They watch the skies and draw down the energy of the constellations and planets into your soul tapestry. The runes they weave into your fate are known as the Soul Weavers.

Your ‘doom’ is not a set of fixed events set out for you from birth.  Rather, it is a specific set of energies which express themselves through your character and events in your life.

Your Birth Runes Oracle

The Birth Runes Oracle package includes your personal birth runes report, a private debrief and connection session with me, your Sun Rune Awakening package and 3 months free membership of Sunna’s Starwheel. This is my recommended way to begin a deep and magical connection with your birth runes.

Birth runes and runic astrology, picture of person sitting under runes
Every rune placement is so well explained, and each one is a potential portal into deeper study - I expect I could spend years exploring them, which is really exciting! I've known and followed Maggie's rune work for many years now and the birth rune charts really are her at her best. The runes were calculated and explained with precision and care, and her vast knowledge and years of research are obvious in the write up. My oracle revealed an overall pattern, all the threads of the tapestry skilfully and intuitively woven together in a beautiful piece of careful, healing storytelling. Just wonderful!
Kay Gillard
Reflecting on her Birth Runes report

The Hero Makers

The Hero Makers are the dominant energies in your birth runes.  Sun speaks of purpose, Earth of skill, Moon of passion and your birth hour holds they key.   Like a familiar chord they will sound over and over again through the course of your life.  Your Hero Makers are:

  • Your Sun rune (Sunna’s Chariot) supports connection to your heroic self and soul purpose
  • Your Earth Rune (First Thread) supports your skiful warrior or practical purpose
  • Your Lunar rune (Manni’s Chariot) supports your passionare self and emotional purpose
  • Your Nornir’s gift (Birth Hour) is selected by the Nornir to help you activate the power of your birth runes

Birth runes do not dictate fate.  They are opportunists seizing the moment and tipping the balance towards the design set in the stars at the moment of your birth.  Knowing your birth runes will help you lean into those moments of opportunity for growth and self realisation.  They will help you navigate your course through life through knowledge of your greatest power, hidden motivations and places of vulnerability.

Your Soul weavers

Your secondary birth runes are the Soul Weavers which are dictated by the motion of the planets through the runic wheel. They form a lovely additional layer to the primary birth runes and offer great rewards for astrologers who want to work within the northern tradition.  Planetary correspondences:

  • Odin’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Mercury
  • Frigg’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Venus
  • Thor’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Jupiter
  • Tyr’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Mars
  • Loki’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Saturn
  • Urd’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Uranus
  • Aegir’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Neptune
  • Hela’s Chariot – Roman equivalent Pluto
Painting of disir by Lana Tikhonova

The energies of your birth runes were fixed in place by a Disir circle formed for you and your birth mother.  They will continue to protect and advise you throughout your life should you choose to work with them.  The Nornir are more focused on collective destiny – they see how your purpose will fit best into the bigger picture.  

Calculating your birth runes - the technical bit

If you want to calculate your birth runes I would highly recommend purchasing Sunna’s Starwheel which includes the Magin Rose birth runes self-calculation kit. The guide below gives an overview only. If the very thought of attempting the calculations chills you to the bone never fear; I offer a full calculation service alongside your birth runes report – this is a personal report with details about each of your birth runes. Each report is 23-24 pages taking you step by step through your 14 births runes and the associated Halls and Hearths.

The runic half-months (your solar rune)

There are 24 runic half months which divide our calendar year into 24 equal parts.  The dates below are from Nigel Pennick’s Runic Astrology; they are indicative only as the degrees fall on slightly different dates each year.  There are no computer generated birth rune calculators out there but you can use a zodiac calculator to more accurately identify your birth runes.  I like Astrolabe.  I have included the zodiac sign and degrees on a zodiac birth chart that correspond to each rune so you can look it up for yourself.

  • Fehu: 29th June – 14th July  7.5-22.5 degrees Cancer
  • Uruz: 14th July – 29th July 22.5 degrees Cancer to 7.5 degrees Leo
  • Thurisaz: 29th July – 13th August. 7.5-22.5 degrees Leo.
  • Ansuz: 13th August – 29th August. 22.5 degrees Leo – 7.5 degrees Virgo
  • Raidho: 29th August – 13th September. 7.5-22.5 degrees Virgo.
  • Kenaz: 13th September – 28th September  22.5 degrees Virgo – 7.5 degrees Libra
  • Gebo: 28th September – 13th October  7.5-22.5 degrees Libra
  • Wunjo: 13th October – 28th October  22.5 degrees Libra – 7.5 degrees Scorpio
  • Hagalaz: 28th October – 13th November  7.5-22.5 degrees Scorpio
  • Nauthiz: 13th November – 28th November  22.5 degrees Scorpio – 7.5 degrees Sagittarius
  • Isa: 28th November – 13th December  7.5-22.5 degrees Sagittarius
  • Jera: 13th December – 28th December  22.5 degrees Sagittarius – 7.5 degrees Capricorn
  • Eihwaz: 28th December – 13th January  7.5-22.5 degrees Capricorn
  •  Perthro: 13th January – 28th January  22.5 degrees Capricorn – 7.5 degrees Aquarius
  • Algiz: 28th January – 13th February  7.5-22.5 degrees Aquarius
  • Sowilo: 13th February – 27th February  22.5 degrees Aquarius – 7.5 degrees Pisces
  • Teiwaz: 27th February – 14th March  7.5-22.5 degrees Pisces
  • Berkano: 14th March – 30th March  22.5 degrees Pisces – 7.5 degrees Aries
  • Ehwaz: 30th March – 14th April  7.5-22.5 degrees Aries
  • Mannaz: 14th April – 29th April  22.5 degrees Aries – 7.5 degrees Taurus
  • Laguz: 29th April – 14th May  7.5-22.5 degrees Taurus
  • Ingwaz – 14th May – 29th May   22.5 degrees Taurus – 7.5 degrees Gemini
  • Othala – 29th May – 14th June  7.5-22.5 degrees Gemini
  • Dagaz – 14th June – 29th June  22.5 degrees Gemini – 7.5 degrees Cancer

How is the rune calendar calculated?

There are 24 runes and their transitions through the year are calculated based on the same motions of the stars as are the signs of the Zodiac. 12 of the runes reach their peak at the point that the Zodiac signs are transitioning and 12 reach their peak at the same time as the Zodiac sign. So, for example, in 2015 the Sun moves into Aries at 10.46 am on 21 March and the half-month of Berkano peaks at the same time; when Aries reaches its peak  Berkano transitions to Ehwaz.

The table above provides the general dates for each rune-half month but reference to an astrological calendar for any given year is needed to ascertain exactly when the transition takes place.  Each Zodiac sign has 30 degrees whilst each rune has 15 degrees. I have provided the exact number of degrees for each rune so you can look this up yourself.  

The runic hours

The runic hours given below are based on a neat division of the day into 24 hours of 60 minutes duration each.  This is actually only the case at the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes.  At all other times the hours of dark and light are out of balance so, for example, at the Winter Solstice the 12 hours of darkness are significantly longer than the 12 hours of daylight.  Your solar rune hour and your standard ‘GMT clock’ rune hour can therefore be different.  People born close to the Spring and Autumn Equinox will get the most accurate readings from the birth hours method below – the greater the imbalance between the days of hour and night and the more likely it is that your birth hour rune will be different. After working with hundreds of people I have found that the accurately calculated solar hour (although complex to calculate) is more accurate. Please do feel free to use the clock hours given below, you will find the exact methodology in the Magin Rose birth runes self-calculation kit in Sunna’s Starwheel. All my birth runes report give your birth hour based on the actual motion of the Sun.