I have been developing the rune pages for the last five years.  They contain a number of the traditional correspondences but my focus is on enabling others to explore the runes for themselves.

Often people assume that runes are merely a divinatory tool, but their mysteries go far beyond this.  Rune reading is sometimes referred to as runemal or ‘rune speech’.  The runes speak to those who know how to listen; they are energy sources, gateways, keys to deep mysteries and tools of great power.  Runes have a huge amount to offer healers, mystics, magical practitioners, seers and sages.

The rune pages are as follows:

Exploring the runes: a comprehensive page for each of the runes of the Elder Futhark

Rune Casting: articles about rune casting including different types of spreads and techniques

Rune sets: information about making your own runes (or purchasing one)

Birth runes: information about your birth runes, the rune calendar and how you can work with the runes during the year (currently being revised)

Resources:  free downloads, self study packages and my courses and training