A high quality rune casting is very different to a free on-online reading (fun as they are).  Here’s why:

  • The structure of the reading is co-created by the two of us around the intentions you have set for your session
  • The runes interact with each other and it is often the interplay between them that brings you the greatest insights
  • You will never just get a set response.  I use my personal kenning hoard (store of knowledge about the runes) to surface the aspects of the rune most relevant to your reading
  • The way in which the runes fall upon the cloth is an essential part of the reading.  There is often, for example, a single pivot rune that directs the way in which the rest of the runes are read
  •  An essential aspect of a rune reading is the connection that is built between the two of us, our soul clans, Disir circles and personal guides 
  • With an in-person reading you can explore aspects of the reading more deeply and seek clarification on issues you are uncertain about 
Booking your reading

Appointments are conducted over Zoom and are available on Friday afternoon or evening GMT (special arrangements can be made upon request).  Once you have made your booking I will be in touch so we can schedule your appointment.  

Appointments are 40 minutes except for a ‘My year ahead’ reading which is 60 minutes.   These longer readings are particularly helpful if you are planning a major new life venture or course correction with long term implications.  You will receive a recording and photographs after your reading.