Elder Futhark

Meet the Elder Futhark - the most ancient of the rune familes from which all modern Germanic languages spring. Our resource pages include introductory information, magical correspondences and exploratory videos

Blog: Big Dreams Need Deep Roots

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Runic Astrology

Runic astrology offers a powerful alternative to the Babylonian Zodiac. Providing us with a beautiful way in to the stories and myths of the rich heritage of the north and providing inspiration and empowerment for greater aligment with our individual and collective Wyrd.

Birth runes

Learn about your birth runes and the heroic path they invite you to take. From your Hero Makers (Sun, Moon, Earth and the gift of the Nornir) to your Soul Singers (the planets).

Reading the runes

Articles and resources to help you read the runes and build your rune casting experience.


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Magic in Mind – Runes as Personal Oracles

Let me make something really, really clear, in case you’re wondering. No label, no judgement, no external belief can ever, ever make you anything other than what you really are: a brilliant, vibrant miracle of a human being reaching out to embrace the fullness of your own being. Magic is not a title, or a label, it is the hallmark of a wild and wonderful life.

All through this lunar cycle we will be inviting in the wisdom of the Norning in the Hearthspace. In this session we’ll be doing a spotlight on working with the Moon and Urd’s Chariot (Uranus) for wyrd weaving.