Sunna’s Star Wheel

Connect to the wisdom, rhythm and power of the runes and the northern tradition star-wheel.  Sunna’s Star Wheel equips you with everything you need to track the movements of the planets through the runic wheel, work with your runes through daily readings and use the simple and powerful symbel ritual to support your intentions and co-creation with destiny.

  • Your ticket to (and recording of) the 2023 Runic Astrology masterclass and Sunna’s Starwheel connection ceremony
  • Monthly email with all the planetary movements
  • Printable Sacred Play journal supporting reflection, spirit-led planning and personal growth
  • Resources to help you connect with the runes, the planets, Gods and the ancient and evolving mystery traditions of our northern European ancestors
  • Your Magin Rose Birth Runes self-calculation kit

Sunna’s Star Wheel complements and supports Middle Earth Readings, join live in the Magin Rose Hearthspace Facebook group or watch the recordings on our blog


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