Sunna’s Star Wheel

Discover the art of runic astrology with 13 moons of wyrd weaving through Sunna’s Starwheel. Sunna’s Starwheel includes:

  • Your guide to the movement of the planets through the runic wheel each lunar month (sent via email). Your guide includes the mini oracles you may already have seen on the Magin Rose instagram account – get them at the new moon to begin harnessing the energies the runes offer you
  • A video guide about the planetary movements and how to work with them
  • Your new moon and full Moon Wild Voice writing process. Let Maggie guide you into atunement with the rune governing the Moon during its two major phases. The Wild Voice process supports you in connecting with the voice of your own magic and bringing it to the surface.

For your investment of £45 you will receive your Sunna’s Starwheel package every month for 12 months.


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  1. Thank you, I am enjoying this. I am fascinated drawing out rune charts and comparing them to my traditional one. I’ll purchase also at the end of the month, the Inner Circle Membership.

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