Sunna’s Star Wheel

13 moons of wyrd weaving with Sunna’s Starwheel. Harness the  power of the lunar and solar cycles through the ancient magics of the runes. Includes a gentle soul care meditation delivered to your inbox each lunar cycle plus a written and audio guide to the energies of the month ahead.

Sunna’s Starwheel includes:

  • 13 emails (one each new moon) with all planetary movements including an audio guide and recorded soul care meditation for your lunar month. Your Sunna’s Starwheel hub also contains an archive of previous emails and recordings.
  • Introduction to runic astrology including your recorded 2023 Runic Astrology masterclass and Sunna’s Star Wheel connection ceremony
  • Your Magin Rose Birth Runes self-calculation kit

Sunna’s Star Wheel complements and supports Middle Earth Readings, join live in the Magin Rose Hearthspace Facebook group or watch the recordings on our blog


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  1. Thank you, I am enjoying this. I am fascinated drawing out rune charts and comparing them to my traditional one. I’ll purchase also at the end of the month, the Inner Circle Membership.

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