Sunna’s Star Wheel

Sunna's Starwheel - harness the power of the lunar and solar cycles through the magic of the runesDiscover the art of northern European runic astrology with Sunna’s Starwheel.

Reignite your star-rhythm: ancient knowing whispered on the tongues of our ancestral selves.

Runic astrology offers an oracular system rooted in the magic of the runes and the mythology of the Germanic peoples (including Iceland, Scandinavia and England as well as German speaking countries in mainland Europe). Your Sunna’s Starwheel package  includes:

💫 Monthly oracle video and mini-oracles for the movement of each planet through the runic wheel 💫

💫 Training resources for your inner Sage about how runic astrology works alongside story and meditations nurturing your Mystic and Seer 💫

💫 Wild Voice (TM) journalling meditations for the 4 phases of the Moon – helping you connect to the wise voice of your magical self 💫

💫 Your first hard copy Sunna’s Starwheel 3-month journal and a 25% discount on all future volumes*💫

💫 Your birth runes self-calculation kit💫

💫 Tips for accessing other resources to deepen your rune practice including for healing and magic 💫

Sunna’s Starwheel is delivered via your private membership hub on the Magin Rose wbesite and via emails delivered direct to your inbox throughout each lunar cycle. You also have the option of working with your Sunna’s Starwheel hardcopy journal to enhance, personalise and solidify your practice.

Sunna’s Starwheel is yours for just £65 a year (less than £5.50 a month).

*If you bought a copy of the journal head here to sign up for your 30 day trial!

4 Replies to “Sunna’s Star Wheel”

  1. Thank you, I am enjoying this. I am fascinated drawing out rune charts and comparing them to my traditional one. I’ll purchase also at the end of the month, the Inner Circle Membership.

  2. I am looking forward to awakening with the runes, I need to raise my awareness of the runes in my everyday life. I want to develop psychically, spiritually, and Magickally. I love your course work and I am lready to ‘dive in’. I am a member of local metaphysical club and I am the designated Rune person.

    1. Hello! I am so pleased to welcome you to Awaken. I look forward to meeting you – good choice in being the designated rune person for your club 🙂 Maggie

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