Sunna’s Starwheel – Journal Trial

Sunna's Starwheel - harness the power of the lunar and solar cycles through the magic of the runesThank you for purchasing your Sunna’s Starwheel Journal! As a thank you, subscribe here for a 30 day free trial of the online Sunna’s Starwheel package!

Your Online Sunna’s Starwheel package includes:

💫 Monthly oracle video and mini-oracles for every planetary movement 💫

💫 Wild Voice (TM) journalling meditations at the 4 phases of the Moon 💫

💫 Training resources for your inner Sage about how runic astrology works alongside story and meditations nurturing your Mystic and Seer 💫

💫 A 25% discount on all future journal volumes💫

💫 Tips for accessing other resources to deepen your rune practice including for healing and magic 💫

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