Kenaz Awakening Package

Your Awakening process for Kenaz is a treasure trove of resources created to ignite a spirit-led connection between you and your rune. Your package includes:

For your inner Sage ~ information about the origins of the rune and magical correspondences associated with it

For your Mystic and Seer ~ A woven story session created to support you in connecting with the rune more intuitively

For your Healer ~ an embodiment meditation supporting you in feeling the energy of the rune in your body

For your Magician ~ an integration PDF taking you through practices you can use to bring your rune’s energy more powerfully into your life.

✨For integrating and empowering your full magical self through the rune ~ your rune power song.

This package is suitable for anyone wanting to work with Kenaz as a spirit guide.

Your Awakening process is delivered on-line through video, audio and PDF files – audio and PDFs are downloadable. Magin Rose terms and conditions and privacy notice apply.

Is Kenaz your Sun rune?

The package includes a special resource section for those of you whose Sun Rune is Kenaz (in a typical year this means your birthday fell between 13th September and 28th September). The exact date shifts each year so check my Sun Rune page first if you’re not sure and you’re looking at this Awakening package because you want to work with your Sun Rune.

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