Jera Sun rune package

Our Sun rune packages offer deep and powerful connection to the power, story and magics of your Sun rune.  From the ancient rune poems through to colour, plant and crystal correspondences our Awakening process provides knowledge, insight and energetic transformation through story, song and meditation.  Birth runes are unique signatures formed of symbol and sound that call us into power.

Your Sun Rune is determined by the position of Sunna’s Chariot (the Sun) in the runic wheel at the time of your birth. It supports you in accessing your heroic self or soul purpose.  In soul lore your Sun Rune connects to your valkyria, an anchoring part of the soul that endures across lifetimes.

In a typical year if your birthday falls between 13th December and 28th December your Sun Rune is Jera.  The exact dates shift slightly each year by 1-2 days so we offer a birth rune calculation service if you aren’t sure what your Sun rune is.

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