Join the Hearthspace inner circle and enjoy 4 live circles each month as well as access to our full catalogue of class recordings and a host of resources supporting spiritual connection with the myths, magics and mysteries of the northern lands.

In 2022 we are working with the wounded gods of the north.  Each month we will connect with a different deity and explore a theme related to his mysteries.  Your month includes:

  • A unique monthly rune reading designed to support your own wisdom-gathering and insights around the month’s theme
  • A woven story supporting deeper connection with the deity and their mysteries through a combination of ancient stories and oracular seership
  • A meditation, journeying and/ or embodied energy class to integrate learnings and support wholeness of body, mind and spirit
  • A group discussion session about the theme (nb this session isn’t included in our library of recordings)

2022 themes:  Thor: boundary holding || Weyland: creation and desruction  || Manni: compassion || Freyr: natural law || Tyr: sacrifice || Hermod: courage || Mimir: wisdom || Loki: shadow || Ullr & Njord: divine partnership || Bragi: sacred utterance || Odin: ecstatic wisdom || Baldr and Hod: mythic time

Where are the Goddesses I hear you ask?  Don’t worry, we spent all of 2021 with them and your membership includes access to our complete library of previous circles.

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