Awaken to the Runes 24-25

Journey through the course of a full year (June 2024-2025) to meet each rune in the Elder Futhark and work with ancient and modern rune practices.  Awaken is delivered online and includes self-study content and in-person monthly circles. The programme provides the foundation for  advanced work in northern tradition magical, seership and healing practices.

Your tuition free includes your full programme including lifetime access to all resources.* All members of the cohort who paid in full have a personal session with Maggie as a thank you.

Please note that at the end of your purchase page I ask you to sign up to the newsletter. This is important as enabling this also ensures you receive emails about your programme.

Upon joining you will have access to all 24 Awaken to the Runes modules plus 4 Masterclasses (either as recordings or your ticket to the live event – see programme timetable for details).

*Lifetime access relates to the lifetime of the business Magin Rose; we have been operating for 13 years and plan to continue!

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