Your strongest magic is … Seer

Congratulations! You are the perceptive, intuitive and decisive member of the magical partnership. You are not only open to all sources of information but possess the deep instincts to filter these appropriately and powerfully to help your people and causes. When you are using your full tool-kit you are able to open all your senses to the multi-layered, multi-meaninged world and put your finger on exactly what the present moment requires. 

Top tips for Seers

  • Treasure yourself as the vessel for powerful insight, healing wisdom and connection with the unseen.
  • Explore and embrace the different ways in which your unique being receives insight: every seer is an exquisite eco-system for different perceptions. Seers are easily shut-down in childhood – but your talents will only become more powerful with trust and patience.
  • Remember that there are a myriad of tools available to Seers but not all of them will work for you. Don’t be afraid to try  lots of different methods to find the ones that speak to you. 
  • Mastery of your path is not just receiving insight, it is knowing when to share it and when not to. Your body is your best instrument to help you discern what is meant for you alone. 
  • Learn how to offer your insights to others through invitation – this will also help you overcome fears or being rejected or ridiculed for your precious gifts.

…and remember that mastery of the other pathways can substantively enhance your magic and protect you from some of the dangers of relying too heavily on one path alone.. For Seers this means creating safe spaces for you to share your voice; healing ancestral wounds related to the talents of the seer; identifying ‘flex’ points in the fabric of ‘fate’ where what you read in the stars can still be changed; and shaping a world that supports, nurtures and benefit from your gifts.

The leadership potential of the Seer

Seers lead through instinct, insight and clarity. They are decisive in the face of uncertainty and also have the ability to lead others into clarity when change has induced a state of inner paralysis or turmoil. They inspire faith through their deep perception of the real cause of challenges and the potential for transformation embedded in the present moment.

The leadership potential of the Seer is diminished when they are taught to doubt their instincts and rationalise away their intuitions.  

Magical practices for Seers

The Seer is the filtering system of the magical self – discerning what information is important and what is not. Seers need to master the tools that allow them to access their inner knowing. First and foremost, working with the knowing of the body as well as the mind is essential for the Seer – there is a reason we say ‘my heart tells me’ and ‘my gut instinct is…’. External tools such as oracle decks, tarot and, of course, runes are wonderful for connecting Seers to their wisdom – but there will be specific tools that work best for you, so don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Hello from Maggie

If you haven’t met me before my name is Maggie Rose Cunningham. I am a coach, trainer and northern European shamanic practitioner.

I work with seriously magical humans: empaths, intuitives, visionaries, sensitives, manifestors. Some run magical businesses, others are leaders, executives and experts in academic, charitable and government organisations. My clients come from around the globe with one shared desire: to explore, express and even more fully embrace their magic.

After 25 years running two parallel careers in Higher Education and spiritual development respectively I decided enough was enough. The world might not have been ready for me – but I was ready for it. I now work helping magical humans live powerful, purposeful lives that are making a real, sustainable difference for our people and planet. 

I am also a trainer in the collective ancestral magic of Northern Europe. You will find the myths and magical tools of the Germanic peoples (England, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland) woven through my work. 

Now back to you...

I can’t wait to help you explore your personal brand of potent, powerful magic. Knowing your strongest pathway is just the first step.  I hope you signed up to the mailing list? If so the information I’ve shared here is also winging its way to your inbox (check your spam if you haven’t received it). You’ll be hearing from me with regular articles on the 5 magical pathways alongside opportunities to join me for trainings and events.

Alongside personal magic I also offer trainings in ancestral magic, specifically northern European ancestral magic. You’ll notice the myths and legends of the north woven through my work and if this is an area you’re interested in don’t forget to mention it when you book your connection call with me.  

Speak soon!

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