Your strongest magic is … Healer

Congratulations! You are the exquisitely attuned, fiercely passionate, can-do-attitude of the magical partnership. No problem is too big or too small to deserve your attention.  You are skilled at finding the source of discord, disruption, discrepancies, dissonance and disease. When you are able to hone in on the areas in life that are yours to work with (rather than being overwhelmed by the immensity and abundance of the problems) you are a force to be reckoned with.

Top tips for Healers

  • Treasure yourself as the conductor of harmony, the balm for suffering and the gate-keeper for a better world.
  • Remember, every day, that the calmness of your exterior is part of your healing toolkit – it is not who you are or the sum total of your gifts.
  • Embrace the activist, advocate and change-agent within, you are capable of soothing pain but you are designed to work with its cause.
  • Give thanks for every act of self-care you offer yourself as a flower that will later bear 1,000 seeds for the world
  • Trust that the universe did not send you out alone into the world to fix all its problems – you are one of many, you just need to do the bit that feels passionately, wonderfully, jubilantly yours

…and remember that mastery of the other pathways can substantively enhance your magic and protect you from some of the dangers of relying too heavily on one path alone. For Healers this means increased discernment about where you choose to put your energies, reduction in overwhelm, greater trust in others to take care of themselves, and a lessening of the risk of burn-out. The other pathways offer the power to influence agendas, persuade and negotiate, say no and stick to it and become more comfortable expressing the fierce emotions and passions at the heart of you.    

Healers as leaders

Healers literally have their fingers on the pulse of their field of expertise, their business and their people. They have an intensity of focus which is difficult to surpass and, if they are given space to breathe, they make wonderful listeners and great coaches because. Healers excel at turning around failing teams, businesses and services. 

Their leadership potential is diminished if they have too much to do. Most Healers are so committed to their cause and sensitive to its needs that they take on more than any human – seemingly with ease. Don’t be fooled – draining your deep energy reserves can take years to remedy. 

Healer as magical practitioners

Healers step into their full potential when they follow their instincts to care for and tend to themselves, their personal spaces, work spaces and community spaces with the same dedication they offer to their vocation and their people. Healers know when the energy of a place is wrong, when the dynamics of a group have gone of kilter and when their own bodies, minds, emotions and spirit are calling for their attention.  When you are not receiving energy you are not able to give energy.

Hello from Maggie

If you haven’t met me before my name is Maggie Rose Cunningham. I am a coach, trainer and northern European shamanic practitioner.

I work with seriously magical humans: empaths, intuitives, visionaries, sensitives, manifestors. Some run magical businesses, others are leaders, executives and experts in academic, charitable and government organisations. My clients come from around the globe with one shared desire: to explore, express and even more fully embrace their magic.

After 25 years running two parallel careers in Higher Education and spiritual development respectively I decided enough was enough. The world might not have been ready for me – but I was ready for it. I now work helping magical humans live powerful, purposeful lives that are making a real, sustainable difference for our people and planet. 

I am also a trainer in the collective ancestral magic of Northern Europe. You will find the myths and magical tools of the Germanic peoples (England, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland) woven through my work. 

Now back to you...

I can’t wait to help you explore your personal brand of potent, powerful magic. Knowing your strongest pathway is just the first step.  I hope you signed up to the mailing list? If so the information I’ve shared here is also winging its way to your inbox (check your spam if you haven’t received it). You’ll be hearing from me with regular articles on the 5 magical pathways alongside opportunities to join me for trainings and events.

Alongside personal magic I also offer trainings in ancestral magic, specifically northern European ancestral magic. You’ll notice the myths and legends of the north woven through my work and if this is an area you’re interested in don’t forget to mention it when you book your connection call with me.  

Speak soon!

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