Programmes and events

Magin Rose Hearthspace

Join our rolling programme of community trainings including an extensive resource library and weekly trainings hosted on our private Facebook Forum. Enjoy rune reading practice sessions, story-telling, embodiment and meditation sessions.

Awakening to the Runes: A year of adventure

Take a deep and transformative journey with the ancient runes of Northern Europe. Connect with them as magical keys to wisdom, healing and magic.

3 workshops to initiate your rune practice

Have you always wanted to work with the runes but not quite sure how to start?  These 3 workshops on seership, healing and magic with the runes are the perfect introduction to a lifetime of deep and rewarding work with the runes.

All timings are BST.  Questions? email 

Seership with the Runes

Did you buy a rune set years ago but never quite master it?  Love your tarot and oracle cards but find the runes tricky?  Or maybe you’ve felt a calling to work with the runes but don’t know how to begin.

In this free 90 minute workshop Magin Rose will take you through some of the most common obstacles to  working successfully as a rune reader personally or professionally and how to overcome them.  We will include some practical demonstrations in the workshop so please do bring your rune set!

We’ve just addeda second date as the first workshop is officially FULL.

Healing with the Runes

I bet you’ve heard of the chakras, reiki and the healing benefits of yoga  But did you know the ancient peoples of Europe had their own magical and energetic healing systems? 



In this free 90 minute workshop Magin Rose will introduce you to the runes as energetic forms with healing properties.  We’ll cover the different forms of rune healing from their earliest roots through to modern day practices and undertake some rune healing work for ourselves.

We’ ve just added a second chance to take part as our first workshop is officially FULL.

Magics with the Runes

You may well have worn, or seen someone else wearing, a rune pendant or perhaps a tattoo with multiple runes.  But did you know the runes are profound magical forms that can be used in multiple ways to bring about positive, intentional change in our lives?


In this free 90 minute workshop Magin Rose will introduce you to the runes as magical forms supporting transformation and soul evolution.  We will be doing a little bit of rune magic together so bring along a coin from your local currency to use!