Programmes and events

2022 programme

Our mission is to host transformative soul journeys into deep, authentic connection with self and spirit.

Earth-centred, wisdom-focused, sacred play lives here.

Our programmes are open for booking now!

Awaken to the Runes 2022

This progrmame is now closed. You can ask to be added to the waiting list for the 23-23 cohort by emailing

birth runes: A soul journey

Take a journey of self and soul discovery with your birth runes and runic astrology.  Starts 7th March 2022, now open for booking.

Yggdrasil's Path 2022

Tread the path of the northern shaman, a journey into wisdom and healing through the nine worlds.  Starts August 2022, now open for booking.

Hearthspace INNER CIRCLE 2022

A year of working with the wounded Gods of the north including monthly rune readings, stories and meditation/ journeying classes.  £15 per month

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