Your guide to Runic Astrology 2021


3 e:guides supporting connection to the magic and myth of the northern tradition through runic astrology.



A juicy package of 3 e:guides:

  • The Magin Rose Guide to the Planets covering the northern tradition planets and the aspects of the astrological calendar they govern
  • Sunna’s Almanac  2021– a printable calendar with all the motions of the planets through the runic wheel for the year.  All timings are given in UTC.
  • BONUS: Manni’s Chariot: A short guide to the moon in the northern tradition 

These guides will give you all the information you need to follow the movements of the planets through the runic wheel in 2021.  They also make a great accompaniment if you tune into Middle Earth Readings every Monday (join me on Facebook or view the recordings from the Magin Rose blog).

If you are a member of the Hearthspace you get all these in your membership for free (check out your Middle Earth and Soul Lore sections of our resource library).


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