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The fire burns bright, flames leaping at the darkness as if to tame it. The Hall is illuminated not just by the fire, nor by the burnished shields stacked against the walls, nor even by the honey-mead tumbling merrily into eagerly raised cup. No, it is illuminated by frith, the spirit of a community experiencing togetherness. No man, woman or child is missing from the winter gathering.

So who is it that knocks on the great Hall door and enters in a whirl of snow and rushing wind? Who is it stamping wet mud from his gleaming boots as if he is a King and not a lone traveler on a seldom trodden road? Who is it that, when he stands full-height towers over the war-men as they rise hastily at his unexpected arrival. Beneath his traveling cloak this stranger is clad in rich furs and, on his arm gleams a red-gold ring of such magnificence that around the company a whisper rises ‘A ring of Draupnir!’.

In this time when beings of legend still walked the earth it isn’t unknown for a bearer of the arm-ring of Odin to emerge from inside an ancient burial-mound and seek the company of the living. But this is no ordinary hero, roaming free from Valhalla as the jaws of winter still the worlds.

This, as the company soon discovered, is Hermod. A hero so great he was named Son of Odin. Hermod who braved the realm of death itself to seek the return of Baldur the slain God of the light.

Hermod is offered the greatest of all the seats in the Hall – and even then it barely holds him. Once he has a plate of food before him and a cup of mead at his side he embarks on the sacred custom of every guest to the people’s hall – he offers his story. Eyes darkening as memory rises up from the deeps and weaves a spell over the hushed listeners of the Hall.

Give the gift of Winter Nights 2023 to share the 4 stories Hermod offered to that ancient Hall more than 1,000 years ago.

Four tales to embrace the descent into the darkness of Winter and seek the re-birth of the light within:

  • The 8-legged Horse
  • The Mother of Monsters
  • The Bridge-Keeper and
  • The Promise.

Meet impossible creatures, edge-dwellers, wisdom-keepers and, of course Hela, the Queen of the Underworld herself.

Winter Nights is yours to gift for just £18 with your audio stories winging their way to your inbox on 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th of December 2023.

Ready to embrace the ancient magic of the season?

Purchase the gift of Winter Nights 2023 now!

Play & magic

Maggie xx

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You will receive Winter Nights in 4 separate emails on 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th December 2023. If you purchase after 3rd December you will receive replay and download links to the previous tales.

Winter Nights is the copyright of Maggie Rose Cunningham. Please do not share your replay email or downloads. I am very, very happy for you to recommend purchase to someone else!

If purchased after 3rd December your purchase is non-refundable. You will have access to the replays until 31st January so please make sure you have downloaded the tales you want to keep before then.

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