Personal Birth Runes: Song of my Soul


My most in-depth birth runes package delivered to you over the course of a full year.  At this level the runes do not simply whisper to you all that you are and could be, they actively work with you to bring your most powerful self fully into the world.  This package covers all your birth runes and includes in-person integration sessions, videos, power songs and membership of the Runic Astrology Hearthspace.  For full details visit the birth runes packages page.  You will want to read the descriptions for all four packages as Song of my Soul combines the three smaller packages with a host of additional materials and support.    ​To get the benefits from this package you will need to work actively with your birth runes.  Please email if you would like to discuss what is involved ahead of purchase.

When ordering please provide your birth date, time and location using the contact form or email including your name.  Details of how I take care of your information can be found in the Magin Rose privacy notice.




  • Your Sun Rune package
  • Hero Makers Premium package
  • 3 in-person Hero Makers integration sessions (via Zoom)
  • a hand-prepared birth runes chart covering your Hero Makers and Soul Singers (the planets)
  • Awakening process for all of your birth runes including 3 videos and the rune’s power song (normally  13 sessions in total)
  • 1 year’s membership to the Runic Astrology Hearthspace (includes monthly lunar forecasts, features podcasts about runic astrology and how to integrate with your birth runes, a community discussion space).

Price:£380.00 inc. tax (approx 462 dollars as at May 2020)

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