Rune Magics Masterclass – 30th April 2024 10am UK Time


You may well have worn, or seen someone else wearing, a rune pendant or perhaps a tattoo with multiple runes. But did you know the runes are profound magical forms that can be used in multiple ways to bring about positive, intentional change in your life?
Join me for Rune Magics. In this 3-hour Masterclass you will learn techniques for working with the runes as partners in intentional change; shaping and channeling energy with a single rune and with multiple runes working together in a bind rune. Your trainer, Maggie Rose Cunningham, will help you explore how the runes interact with the channels of orlog (divine law) and flowing energies of wyrd (fate) in practical and powerful ways.
This Masterclass is suitable for beginners as well as experienced rune practitioners looking to deepen their relationship with the runes.
This Masterclass is hosted on Zoom on Tuesday 30th April 10am-1pm London time. All participants will receive the recording and have access for 1 month after the live event.
This Masterclass plus a VIP reflect and connect session immediately afterwards is included as a gift when you book onto the Awaken to the Runes programme 24-25 which is now open for entry
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