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Imagine being able to draw on any of the 24 runes at will to support healing for your clients, family and friends. Imagine being a member of a community committed to personal healing and evolution with the runes; developing your personal pathway within a safe and supportive magical container. Imagine being able to draw on the runes as guides upon the northern world tree Yggdrasil.
All these things are possible and they all start with the Magin Rose training in Rune Healing for Others taking place on Thursday 28th September and Thursday 5th October 2023. Both sessions are 10am-1pm London time hosted on Zoom. You will receive a comprehensive course manual upon sign-up and your session recordings.
This training is only available to Awaken graduates (and those near to completion). The sessions include plenty of practical exercises including pair work and support for deepening your practice for self-healing with each of the runes. You can take the course as a stand-alone training as many times as you like! The training also opens the following doors for you:
Healing for Others certification – £200 to register after live session
After your LIVE sessions you will move onto:
  • 10 self study modules supporting you in establishing a rune healing practice
  • Feedback on your practice through creation of your session plan and 3 case studies
  • Certificate when you pass
  • Support to complete your Awaken level 1 healer assessment if you don’t already have it
Healing for Others licensed Magin Rose practitioner – £450 following certification
When you achieve certification you can become a Magin Rose licensed practitioner. Your license includes:
  • 1 year of Mastery
  • Quarterly practitioner healing shares up to and including your Mastery year
  • Use of the Magin Rose licensed healing practitioner resource library for yourself and your clients
  • Practitioner listing on Magin Rose website
Yggdrasil’s Path – the Magin Rose northern European shamanic programme
Following your LIVE Rune Healing for Others session you can apply for Yggdrasil’s Path where you will:
  • Journey safely and powerfully through the 9 worlds of Yggdrasil. Discover ancestral connections, soul clan and techniques for seership and healing. On this programme you will:
  • Access personal and collective wisdom through seership and direct revelatory experience
  • Honour and connect with the earth-centred spirituality of northern Europe
  • Work with the concept of the woven soul to access soul clan, personal guides and step into wholeness
  • Discover places of power and wisdom beyond the veils of our ‘ordinary’ reality
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