Reclaim your Magic: The Sage. 4th June 2024


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Is your magic invisible to the world? Sometimes the best things are hiding in plain sight. Once upon a time the Sage was best known as the ‘wise woman’ or ‘wise man’: secretive, possessing knowledge others didn’t have, gifted with the incredibly rare ability to both read and write. Then the wheel of time turned and some of the gifts of the Sage become so ubiquitous we got bored with them, no, we got complacent with them.
Which is a dangerous thing to do. The shadow self of the Sage looms large in our society: we believe what we are taught, we repeat what we are taught. There is so much information available to us that the true Sages out there feel overwhelmed by how much there is to learn and often forget to mobilise their potent, powerful magic. Recovering the Sage means:
  • recovering the ability to curate the memories that hold our wisdom and keep us human
  • recovering the ability to not just acquire but test knowledge
  • recovering the ability to communicate powerfully and influence the flow of fate
  • recovering that magical combination of curiosity and discipline through which wisdom is woven

Sages are world-shapers.

This mini-retreat is a power retrieval process for your inner Sage. We’ll be working to awaken your Sage through story, open to your wisdom through the process of wild voice facilitation (TM), invite power back in through work with the body and seal the process of retrieval through ceremony and shamanic work with your soul clan. During the session you will learn:
  • What the true potential of the Sage is once you’ve claimed that part of your magic
  • What the shadow side of the Sage is when you’re working with it without owning it
  • The harm that can come when you’re drawing on your Sage without integrating with the other aspects of the magical self
The mini-reatreat is hosted on Zoom on Tuesday 4th June 2024, 10am – 2:30pm London time. There will be a break for lunch during the session.
All participants will receive the session recording and have access for 1 month after the live event. It is, however, highly recommended that you attend in person.
Magin Rose Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice apply to this event.

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