Reclaim your Magic: The Healer. 5th March 2024


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Exquisitely attuned, energetically connected, fiercely committed, unendingly compassionate.

Healers are found in all walks of life. Wherever there are people to help and problems to solve. They can be analysts, trainers, engineers, researchers, team leaders, reporters, geologists, meteorologists and, of course, you find lots of them in the healing professions. They work with information flows: communications, physical, social, anatomical and ideological structures, eco-systems, complex patterns and data. Healers are finely tuned to pick up disruptions discrepancies, dissonance, discord and disease in their chosen field – often knowing there is something wrong long before they can pinpoint the exact problem.

A Healer who doesn’t know what they are will twist themselves into 1,000 knots trying to fix all the problems they perceive; not recognising, or having the support to recognise, that their healing gifts were never intended to help them fix everything. You may hear every missed-beat, every dis-harmony in the great symphony of life – but your job is still only to play your part. To play it fully and passionately and proudly. 

Recovering the Healer means:

  • recovering the ability to feel deeply without being overwhelmed or made ill by it
  • recovering the ability to pursue wholeness, not perfection
  • recovering the ability to offer discomfort, activism and challenge as part of your healing toolkit
  • recovering the ability integrate your mind, body and soul-knowing

Healers do not fix, they strengthen

Join the Reclaim your Magic: The Healer mini-retreat, a sanctuary designed to help you recognise, honour, and renew your healing gifts from the core of your being.

This mini-retreat is a power retrieval process for your inner Healer. We’ll be working to awaken your Healer through story, open to your wisdom through the process of wild voice facilitation (TM), invite power back in through work with the body and seal the process of retrieval through ceremony and shamanic work with your soul clan. During the session you will learn:
  • What the true potential of the Healer is once you’ve claimed that part of your magic
  • What the shadow side of the Healer is when you’re working with it without owning it
  • The harm that can come when you’re drawing on your Healer without integrating with the other aspects of the magical self
The mini-reatreat is hosted on Zoom on Tuesday 5th March 2024, 10-2:30pm London time. There will be a break for lunch during the session.
All participants will receive the session recording and have access for 1 month after the live event. It is, however, highly recommended that you attend in person.
Magin Rose Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice apply to this event.

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