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A woven song, a soul journey, a starlit path. Our ancestors believed they were fated; they followed the stars both to cross the seas of the earth and to find the destiny of the soul.     

Take the first step on a journey with your personal birth runes.  A system of personal discovery and transformational potential lovingly researched and reimagined for the modern heroes of today.  The healers, visionaries and magic makers who hear the call of the northern lands, legends and lore.

Your Sun Rune or ‘Sunna’s Chariot’ connects you to your soul purpose. You can read more here.  The package includes your personal Sun Rune report and an Awakening package of virtual resources drawing you in to the power of your rune through story, song, meditation and (of course) the traditional sources for our rune knowledge today.   It is an ideal first introduction to birth runes for yourself or a loved one.

If you already know your Sun rune you can purchase your Awakening process direct from the Sun Runes page.

To learn more about birth runes visit

When you order please supply your birth date, time and location via email to  You can see your data will be taken care of in the privacy notice.

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Upon receipt of your order we will calculate your sun rune and send you login information to your package (normally within 3 working days).  The package includes:

  • Detailed report about your Sun Rune
  • Personal power song
  • Explanation of the ancient rune poem/s for your rune
  • A woven story-telling session drawing on old, and new, mythic tales
  • Guidance on channelling the rune’s energy in your body
  • A range of integration exercises to help you embody the power of your rune

If you already know your Sun rune you can purchase your Awakening package direct from the Sun Runes page

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