Personal Birth Runes: My Sun Rune


My Sun Rune includes a detailed personal report and a bundle of multi-media virtual resources to help you build a powerful and lasting connection with the rune that acts as the key to your purpose in this lifetime.  It is an ideal first introduction to birth runes for yourself or a loved one.

Your Sun Rune or ‘Sunna’s Chariot’ connects you to your soul purpose. You can read more here.

This package launches on 30th June so please note that Sun Rune reports for birthdays prior to this date will not be sent until your birthday in 2021.

To learn more about birth runes visit

When you order please supply your birth date, time and location using the contact form below or you can email  You can see your data will be taken care of in the privacy notice.



Upon receipt of your order I will calculate your Sun Rune.  Your Sun Rune package is then sent to you on your birthday.  The package includes:

  • Detailed report about your Sun Rune
  • Personal power song
  • Explanation of the ancient rune poem/s for your rune
  • A woven story-telling session drawing on old, and new, mythic tales
  • Guidance on channelling the rune’s energy in your body
  • A range of integration exercises to help you embody the power of your rune

Price: £26 inc. tax (just under 32 US dollars)

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