Healing with the Runes Masterclass – in your own time


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I bet you’ve heard of the chakras, reiki and the healing benefits of yoga. But did you know the ancient peoples of Europe had their own magical and energetic healing systems? Rooted in voice, carved into earth, invoking energies we know in our bones and feel pulsing through us.

In this 3-hour Masterclass you will learn about the history of the beautiful and forgotten craft of weaving wholeness. Maggie will cover the different forms of rune healing from their earliest roots through to modern day practices. The session is primarily an experiential, practical class offering a range of self and group healing exercises working with different techniques and runes.

Your Masterclass was created as a live session and held with the intention of hosting a powerful and transformational space for in-person and self-study participants. When you purchase this Masterclass you will have access to the full recording for 1 month.

This Masterclass is also included as a gift when you book onto the Awaken to the Runes programme 24-25 which is now open for entry www.maginrose.com/awaken.

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