Discover your birth runes


A woven song, a soul journey, a starlit path. Our ancestors knew they were fated; they followed the stars both to chart their paths across Middle Earth and to find the destiny of the soul.     

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Discover your 14 birth runes, the Gods who watch over you and Disir who care for you. Your birth runes are keys to who you are at a soul level; they are keepers of the destiny, guides to your personal pathway and beacons for soul like you who came to this planet to create a new legacy for humanity where our peoples and planet can thrive.

Your birth runes package includes: your birth runes report and a training on working with your Sun Rune which resonates with your soul’s energy. It is recommended that you have some knowledge of the runes before you set out on this journey into your birth runes.

When you purchase this package we will ask you for your birthdate, time and location so we can carefully calculate all your birth runes, Halls and Hearths and provide you with a personal report covering each aspect of your birth runes.

Your birth runes report is approximately 22-24 pages long and contains:

  • Exact calculations for your First Thread, solar, lunar, birth hour and plantary runes
  • Explanations about each of the positions in the reading and what they mean
  • A detailed reading for each of your ‘Hero Maker’ runes (First Thread, solar, lunar and birth hour runes) and links to information for your planetary runes
  • Information about the Disir  who oversaw the weaving of each rune into your Soul Tapestry and the Halls of the Gods which bless your runes.  These deities often offer patronage and wisdom to those they have blessed through their birth runes
  • Information and guidance about each of these aspects helping you to understand and work with the energies of your birth runes and soul tapestry

Your personal birth runes use the runes of the Elder Futhark.

The Magin Rose system is based on 12 years of extensive personal exploration and research using the runic astrology systems created by Nigel Pennick and Freya Aswynn.

Your Sun Rune package includes:

  • An introductory video from Maggie
  • A training on the historical and mythic origins of your Sun Rune
  • Your Sun rune power song for use in meditation and personal empowerment
  • A woven story helping you access the energies of the rune more potently and powerfully
  • A guided experience of feeling the energy of your rune in your body
  • Integration exercises you can use to build a strong connection with the rune that guides your inner-soul