Hero Makers Oracle


Your Hero Makers oracle is a channelled interpretation of your four Hero Makers in the current moment.  You will receive it as a recording which will include the following:  

  • An overview of how your four Hero Makers combine based on their meanings, correspondences and energies
  • How you can work with your unique combination of birth runes to maximise their power within your life

To learn more about birth runes visit www.maginrose.com/runes/birth-runes

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You will need an accurate birth runes calculation for your oracle and a combined calculation and oracle is available for purchase. Please either send me your calculation when you order (magin@maginrose.com) or, if you have already have this based on a previous order from me please send a reminder of your name, date of birth and location. As a minimum I will need all four of your Hero Maker runes.

I prepare birth charts and oracles as close as possible to the full moon each month.  If you need your  oracle by a particular date please do let me know and I will do my best to meet your request if I can fit it around other commitments.