My Birth Runes


A woven song, a soul journey, a starlit path. Our ancestors believed they were fated; they followed the stars both to cross the seas of the earth and to find the destiny of the soul.     

Discover the beauty, power and wisdom of your birth runes.  A system of personal discovery and transformational potential lovingly researched and reimagined for the modern heroes of today.  The healers, visionaries and magic makers who hear the call of the northern lands, legends and lore.  The heroic destiny sung of by Sunna, the Charioteer of the Sun.  The desiring, passionate self beloved of Manni, the Charioteer of the Moon.  The gifts of the planets and the Gods.

Your birth runes report is created from 42 separate calculations and includes detailed information about each plantary position, rune, Hearth of the Asyniur and Halls of the Gods.  Your report is provided alongside our Planetary Guide and the Runic Astrology Almanac for the coming year.   It makes a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one regardless of how far you are on your northern tradition path.

We offer 3 integration sessions for those of you wishing to journey deeper.  These can be booked at any time once you have your report.  Our first session includes an oracular reading and mentoring for integration; if you already know you would like some 1-2-1 support for your birth runes check this session details first as you will get a 50% discount on your  birth runes report after booking.   

The birth runes astrological system is unique in that the runes form a magical system for personal transformation as well as an interpretive system for character and destiny.

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This package includes:

1. Your personal birth runes report (approximately 22 pages): 

  • Exact calculations for your First Thread, solar, lunar, birth hour and plantary runes
  • Explanations about each of the positions in the reading and what they mean
  • A detailed reading for each of your ‘Hero Maker’ runes (First Thread, solar, lunar and birth hour runes) and links to information for your planetary runes
  • Information about the Disir  who oversaw the weaving of each rune into your Soul Tapestry and the Halls of the Gods which bless your runes.  These deities often offer patronage and wisdom to those they have blessed through their birth runes
  • Information and guidance about each of these aspects helping you to understand and work with the energies of your birth runes and soul tapestry

2. The Magin Rose Plantary Guide and Mini-guide to Manni’s Chariot (the Moon)

3. Sunna’s Almanac, your guide to runic astrology in the current year (incudes all plantary movement by date and time)

Your personal birth runes use the runes of the Elder Futhark.  I use a birth runes system adapted from the work of Nigel Pennick and Freya Aswynn.