Personal birth runes and oracle: Hero Makers


Your birth runes speak of your practical, spiritual and personal purpose.   The birth runes astrological system is unique in that the runes form a magical system for personal transformation as well as an interpretive system for character and destiny.

Knowledge and work with your Hero Makers will support you in manifesting your skilful warrior, your authentic hero and your fulfilled self.

You will receive a personal report including:

  • Exact calculations for your First Thread, solar, lunar and birth hour runes
  • Information about the Disir who oversaw the weaving of each rune into your Soul Tapestry and the Halls of the Gods which blessed those runes
  • Information and guidance about each of these aspects helping you to understand and work with the energies of your birth runes and soul tapestry

Your Hero Makers oracle is a channelled interpretation of your four Hero Makers in the current moment.  You will receive it as a recording which will include the following:

  • An overview of how your four Hero Makers combine based on their meanings, correspondences and energies
  • How you can work with your unique combination of birth runes to maximise their power within your life

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You will need to provide the time, date and location of your birth; please provide these in the form below.  If you don’t know the location and time of your birth please email me ( and I will do a rune casting to identify the First Thread, lunar and birth hour runes best for you at the present time.


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Your combined report and recorded oracle normally take 2 weeks to prepare.  I occasionally experience high numbers of requests in which case I will contact you if there will be a longer waiting period than this. You will need to provide the time, date and location of your birth (see form above)

Your personal birth runes use the runes of the Elder Futhark.  I use a birth runes system adapted from the work of Nigel Pennick and Freya Aswynn.