Privacy Notice


Maggie Rose Cunningham CEO of Magin Rose


Privacy Notice

Data is collected from you for two primary purposes:

  • To keep you informed via a mailing list or contact method you have subscribed to (you have provided active consent)
  • When you are actively working with me (data is necessary for starting and completing our contract)

For purpose (1) data is limited to your name and contact details stored in a secure repository only accessibly to authorised Magin Rose personnel.  It will be made clear to you how to unsubscribe from any contact method. Your contact details will not be kept after you unsubscribe from a contact list.  If you are subscribed to more than one contact list you can unsubscribe from individual lists or notify Magin Rose via email and you will be removed from all lists (and your details deleted).

If you participate in a survey or focus group it will be specified at point of consent when any data you provide will be de-coupled from your contact details and anonymised.

For purpose (2) your personal information will be stored securely and confidentially.  The types of data  typically retained include:

  • Birth date and location (for birth runes)
  • Personal information disclosed during 1-2-1 sessions kept in sessions notes and on recordings
  • Personal information you choose to disclose in closed group sessions in the form of session notes and recordings

I will retain text-based data for a period of seven years from the latest date we worked together to inform future work and/ or in case you request a copy of outputs (e.g. of your birth runes) after that point.  Please note that any recordings of 1-2-1 sessions including audio, video and still photographs are only guaranteed for retention for 30 days; they are then deleted to protect your privacy.  You can request that I destroy all personal information held about you at any time.  I reserve the right to maintain anonymised records supporting my practice and teaching.  I will inform you of any potential usage of case studies and seek permission for the use of direct quotes from you in any published material.

Third parties

For small group work the sharing of recordings will be outlined in your programme information. Recordings are normally only shared within your cohort and it will be clear how long they will be retained. You can choose not to share information you do not wish to be disclosed within the group setting.

If you work with a Magin Rose associate they will share their privacy notice with you.