Your North Star session is an opportunity to retreat from the din of the outside world full of ‘should dos’ and ‘what ifs’.  To connect with wisdom, recover wholeness and trace the lines of your destiny.  Your session includes intuitive reading with the oracle of the runes and gentle mentoring support  from Maggie Rose Cunningham, an experienced, sensitive and qualified coach  and shamanic practitioner.

We all experience times of ending and beginnings on our journey.  We all experience moments when we feel called to something new but can’t’ quite put our finger on what that something is.  Investing in ourselves at these times is not a luxury, even our friends are limited in their ability to see all that you are and all that you could be.   A North Star session illuminates the path and connects you to your compass. It is a quiet and powerful space to see the stars by and centre within your own rhythm, purpose and power.

A North Star session is a precursor to any deep work with me including ancestral healing, past life regression and soul  reclamation.  Please don’t hesitate to email if you have questions about North Star sessions or a deeper programme of 1-2-1 support.

It is one thing to hear the calling but another to see the way…

North Star sessions are 90 minutes and are tailored to your needs – whether you’re dipping your toe into the waters of wyrd for the first time or preparing to go deeper.  Each session is £250 (British sterling).

Our session is hosted via Zoom and I will send you some questions in advance  so I can prepare a powerful space for you.  Every session is unique but will normally include a gentle opening ceremony, exploratory questioning, a rune reading and coaching to support you in setting powerful intentions for your next steps.  You will be able to record your session and supporting materials will be provided afterwards as needed. 

Interested in starting your seership practice, learning more about the northern tradition and meeting like-minded souls on paths of creativity and healing?  Join the Magin Rose Hearthspace