Mastery Key Information 2021-22

Orientation video

Dates for your diary

Download the printable PDF for a complete list of  dates including Wisdom Working Circles, Masterclasses, Q&A sessions, rune half-months and associated inspiration pieces. In-person sessions will be hosted via Zoom (link below).  You will receive notifications via email in advance of sessions.

Mastery Forum

Wisdom Working Circles

All your circle, masterclass and Q&A recordings are under ‘My recordings’.  Our dedicated Zoom room will be used for all classes and is as follows:

Go to Zoom room

Meeting ID: 811 9912 7494

Passcode: Mastery

Need help?

Email for practical and logistical questions.

Email with rune related matters you don’t want to share in the Forum.

Community Code

Please abide by our community code to ensure all participants have the best possible experience.     

  • Discussions are meant to stimulate conversation, not to create conflict.  Personal attacks are not acceptable and we invite you to frame all your discussions in a way that honours you and all others in the community.    
  • All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited. Do not post anything in a post message that you would not want the world to see or that you would not want anyone to know came from you.
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion are primary values in this space.  All views are welcome as long as these values are upheld.
If you (or I) breach the community code the best way to make it right is to acknowledge it’s happened and commit to it not happening again.  Where necessary I will contact you directly to bring to your attention a possible breach of the code.  In very exceptional circumstances I reserve the right to suspend membership of the forum and wisdom working circles.  This will not affect your access to the programme modules.  

Please respect the privacy of all members.  Do not share names or information about other member’s contributions outside of our community without their express permission.  You are welcome to share your personal email address on the forum if you wish but please note Magin Rose cannot accept liability for others passing on those details should you choose to do this.  

All content (images, text, video and audio), excluding forum discussions and content shared by members,  remain the property of Magin Rose.  Please don’t share beyond community members.  

One of the purposes of Mastery is to support each other in our work.  Content that members are happy (and would indeed welcome) you to share is clearly labelled.

  • You are welcome to post your own topics related to rune practice but please do keep it to this theme – that’s what we’re here for!
  • It is recommended that you open topics  by clearly defining the aspect of rune practice you’re bringing to the table.  Use the ‘topics’ function in the forum by typing # and then a short topic name.  This makes it easier for members to respond and search  in the future.
  • Videos and pictures are welcome!
  • Please arrive on time for the sessions so you can participate fully
  • It is recommended that you have a drink, a notebook and a rune set with you for each session (if you don’t have a rune set you can draw them on 24 pieces of paper or card to get you started)